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Living in the world of possibilities is the pathway to opportunities

In this article, Valerie Young distinguishes between the World of Possibilities from the Real World as they apply to entrepreneurship and running your own business. Too many business owners limit themselves by dwelling in the Real World. The Real World is characterized by conversations like, "it can't be done!;" "stop dreaming, get real!" She says "when you dwell in the World of Possibilities, you know things are possible because other people are doing them."

Figure it out and join the club

Valerie suggests that if you're starting a business (career), developing one or want to introduce a new product or service, there's always a way to figure out how to make it happen. Go to the source. Find out what people in the market you're interested in need. Once you find that out, you can seek out experts to assist you in providing what your market needs.

"Whenever you find yourself thinking that your dream is not possible, find someone who is successfully doing the thing you want to do and follow them."

About Valerie Young
Valerie Young "Profiting From Your Passions" expert Valerie Young abandoned her corporate cubicle to become the Dreamer in Residence at ChangingCourse.com offering resources to help you discover your life mission and live it. Her career change tips have been cited in Kiplinger's, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today Weekend, Woman's Day, and elsewhere and on-line at MSN, CareerBuilder, and iVillage.com. An expert on the Impostor Syndrome, Valerie has spoken on the topic of How to Feel as Bright and Capable as Everyone Seems to Think You Are to such diverse organizations as Daimler Chrysler, Bristol-Meyers Squibb, Harvard, and American Women in Radio and Television.

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