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The Do's and Don'ts of Wise Investing

Wise investing is a topic that Jean-Paul Giacometti, portfolio manager at Claret Asset Management, knows well. He provides some down-earth advice and strategies for making your money grow other time.

As a skillful investor with over 20 years of experience, Jean-Paul Giacometti practices wise investing on a daily basis.

This comment from US News in 2010 provides a context for the interview: “Baby boomers are likely to live longer, more healthful, and more active lives than any retirees have before, yet few will enjoy the generous pensions and retiree health benefits enjoyed by many of their parents. Boomers will be saddled with the headache of continuing to manage their own investments, and if they haven't saved enough, they'll likely have to work long after the previous generation dropped out of the workforce.”

In an eye-opening with me, Jean-Paul talks:

- the main financial concerns of midlifers and beyond,

- the worst money or investing mistakes older investors can make,

- the value of investing in mutual funds,

- the importance of knowing your exact net worth,

- alternative instruments older investors should look at, such as property or precious metals,

- recommendations for choosing a financial adviser,

- some important investing habits,

- recommended reading to stay better informed about your finances.

About the author
Jean-Paul Giacometti Jean-Paul began his professional career in 1988 and has been a CFA charterholder since 1993. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from McGill University and an MBA from Concordia University in Montreal. Jean-Paul was President of the Montreal Society of Financial Analysts in 1999. He Claret in 2000 in the role of Vice-President and Portfolio Manager. Before working at Claret, he worked with a private Swiss bank for over 10 years.

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