A wealth building plan is easier to devise than you think

In this article, Irena O'Brien says that a wealth building plan is like a road map, focusing your attention and moving you forward toward your goal.

Irena lays out a step-by-step guide to developing your own compelling wealth building game plan.

About Irena O'Brien

Irena O'brien Irena O'brien, PhD, ACMC, is a Montreal Wealth Building Coach.

She works with individuals, business owners, and entrepreneurs to uncover and remove psychological blocks to wealth and create their best wealth building mindset.

She believes that everyone deserves to be wealthy.

Irena’s first career was as a Chartered Accountant. After spending 15 years in accounting, Irena went back to university to earn her PhD in Psychology,

and spent the next 15 years in neuroscience and academic research. Today, she combines her experience as a Chartered Accountant with her education in Psychology to help people realize their wealth potential.

One of Irena’s passions is traveling. Last year, she fulfilled one of her travel dreams, to sail the fjords of Norway. Her next dream is to travel to Antarctica. When she is not coaching or traveling, Irena enjoys walking her almost-15 year old Golden Retriever, playing tennis, and skiing.

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