Universal principles, the spiritual life, and the physical are all interconnected.

by Keith Robertson, medical writer

Better or Bitter - which way are you going?

Universal principles interest me. Recently I've been putting my brain to work on the spiritual aspect of life. Have you ever noticed how old people in a senior's residence seem to have gotten better and better over the years or have gotten more and more bitter during their lifetime? Are universal principles at play here?

Yes, I believe there are a couple of universal principles in effect here.

It's all connected!
The way I see it, the best way to understand these complex issues in our lives is in the form of universal principles or spiritual laws. In the next few articles, I will attempt to bring together for you the spiritual and physical; the internal brain chemistry and the external senses in our environment. Most people think of spiritual or religious life as a completely separate thing to the everyday physical routines of daily living.

As you read this, you may think of some negative effects in your own life. My hope and prayer is that you will see how to change your internal life, which in turn, will change your circumstances. I am not a counselor or making decisions on how to improve your life - that's your part. As an educator, my part is to explain things in an easy way that you may not have thought of before.

This may help you to think outside of the box that you have been limiting your life to, up until this stage in your life. And, it might have been serving you well enough. But, now is the time to try something new. You may be amazed to discover how your financial and spiritual life can affect each other, as well as, the physical and emotional areas of life.

There are no spiritual law breakers! Understanding universal principles
The first principle that governs our amazing, ever-expanding universe is the spiritual law of increase. Whether they govern the spiritual realm or physical world, laws can't be broken, only demonstrated. You can not break the law of gravity and start floating upwards, you can only demonstrate that gravity sooner or later kicks in and you land on the ground. The same applies to spiritual laws.

We're expanding!
The world is not static: In our lifetime the population certainly hasn't been static, and though we may not have lived long enough to tell, neither has the number of stars. For better or worse, your actions have a ripple effect in other people's lives. A lie grows in its effect and so does a compliment.

It's just a little white lie!
A little white lie that you tell about someone can sometimes very quickly get out of control. Last night, someone was telling me that one compliment that a teacher spoke into his life completely changed his life. He went from being in jail with no hope or ambition to becoming a millionaire. In each case, it took very little effort to start the ball rolling, but has a much bigger effect in the life of the person on the receiving end.

Depending on how they receive these messages, people get spiritually better or worse in temperament a la grumpy old men, who drive people away, or the iconic sweet little old grandmother, who is positively glowing.

It's all about the Brain!
How does this happen? Of course, whatever we see in behaviour has a basis in our physiology. As connections of brain cells are used repeatedly, the easier it is to trigger them next time. This is the essence of training: your body does your routine without you even thinking consciously about it.

Next time we will look at how these universal principles are worked out in the brain.

Keith Robertson
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