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The inside story on Tom Corson Knowles new e-book

Tom Corson Knowles is founder of Authentic Health Coaching. Tom blogs and teaches people about good nutrition, health, and the importance of eating more fruits and vegetables every day.

Grow your own fresh organic food at home with no weeding or maintenance! Get an hour of face time with the world's leading Health experts on our podcast.

I asked Tom Corson Knowles to tell us about his new e-book. If you think you know nutrition, you may be in for a surprise in reading this e-book

Proper Eating Habits Can Make a Big Dfference

FB: I found your e-book, Dr. Corson’s Top 5 Nutrition Tips, to be highly informative. Please give me an overview of the e-book to whet the appetite as it were of my readers.

FB: Midlifers and beyond have different nutritional needs than children or young adults. What two pieces of advice would you give older people about proper eating habits.

FB: Women and men in midlife and beyond have different eating requirements. Could you make a few specific food recommendations for midlife women on the one hand and men on the other?

FB: In your e-book you downplay the importance of taking a multivitamin or an individual vitamin such as vitamin D. Would this advice be true for older individuals?

FB: You have a preference for a vegetarian diet. Please comment on the benefits and disadvantages of a vegetarian diet.

FB: We know that it is so difficult for people to change their eating habits. Probably the majority of people know it is not particularly healthy to eat fast food, such as burgers and french fries, yet they do it anyway. Do you have two or three practices that would help people make the right eating decision?

FB: You run a healthy eating website with your name, Tom Corson Knowles, that goes by your name. Tell us about it and why it is so popular.

Look for the interview coming June 27, 2012.

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