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Susyn Reeve Articles

Article 1: Unleash the Power of Positive Thinking

Susyn Reeve shows how positive affirmations can help create new brain pathways, based on your positive thinking. ... Read more

Article 2: Cultivate Healthy Self Esteem: Self Esteem Exercises

Susyn offers several simple but effective techniques for lessening your self-sabotaging thoughts. ... Read more

Article 3: Healthy Self-Esteem Quiz

Susyn invites you to take a 15-item self-esteem quiz to raise your self-awareness ... Read more

Article 4: Self Esteem Building Activities - Creating A Pleasure List

Susyn describes one of her favorite self esteem building activities: creating a pleasure list ... Read more

Article 5: A recommendation for mind body healing

Susyn raves about Colette Baron-Reid's new book The Map ... Read more

Article 6: What are your favorite happiness quotes?

Susyn shares with us some her favorite quotes ... Read more

Article 7: Overcoming Low Self Esteem: Creating a Gratitude List

Susyn shares some of the things in her life she is most grateful for. ... Read more

Article 8: Increase Mind Power: Harness the Law of Attraction

Susyn describes how the right attitude can increase your mind power and activate the law of attraction ... Read more

Article 9: Make the Choice

Susyn shows how you can overcome emotional pain to live the Inspired Life ... Read more

Article 10: How to Find Happiness

Susyn shares with us "The Prayer for Peace and Happiness" which has a profound effect on her life ... Read more

Article 11: Increase Mind Power: Be Flexible

Susyn shares with us how her mind power and flexibility increased through her accident ... Read more

Unleash the Power of Positive Thinking

The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible.- Unknown

According to Susyn Reeve, your thinking informs our experience. A positive outlook, can transform a traffic jam into an opportunity to practice patience. But a new thought is not enough. You must embody the new thought. You actually have to have a somatic experience of your positive thought, to realize the potent benefit of positive thinking, according to Susyn Reeve.

Have you ever noticed that when you commit to generating positive thoughts you still hear the voice of doubt, fear and uncertainty running like an endless recording in your mind? You boldly create an affirmation, "I focus my attention on a positive thoughts, words and actions." You commit to writing this affirmation in your journal ten times each morning for the next 30 days to keep focused on your positive intention.

You paste sticky notes in strategic locations - your bathroom mirror, your refrigerator door - you write your affirmation on your screen saver, etc... But, whenever you write it and see it you also hear other - negative - affirmations in your mind: "Who are you kidding you’ re so judgmental? This is too hard, what's positive about having more bills than I can pay? I just don't know how to do this."

According to Susyn Reeve, overlaying a positive thought on a belief that is at odds with the affirmation is not enough to upgrade the software of your mind. It’ s like putting a bandage on a wound without first cleaning the wound and applying the appropriate medicine. You won’ t see the wound directly, but that doesn’ t mean it doesn’ t exit.

To truly create a new brain pathway, based on your positive thinking, you must free your heart and mind from your negative programming not merely cover it up with a new thought that you really don’ t believe.

You may be wondering, Okay - how do I do this? Often installing positive thinking software begins with an awareness of your negative thinking.

Here’ s how it works:

• Identify something you are not happy about in your life right now (an unhappy relationship, being overweight, being unemployed, a strained relationship with a family member or friend, etc…)

• Choose 1 item and create a positive thinking power statement that defines what you desire. (My relationship is a source of joy in my life. I love and honor my body, etc…)

• Take a piece of paper and fold it in half. One the left hand-side write your positive affirmation. On the right-hand side write the thoughts - whatever thoughts - pop into your mind in reaction to your affirmation.

Here’ s an example:

I love, appreciate and care for my body. - But I’ m overweight.
I love, appreciate and care for my body. - I weigh too much.
I love, appreciate and care for my body. - I’ m too lazy.
I love, appreciate and care for my body. - It’ s too hard.
I love, appreciate and care for my body. - I don’ t stick with healthy exercise and eating.
I love, appreciate and care for my body. - I really wish I could do this once and for all.
I love, appreciate and care for my body. - I wonder if I could really do this.
I love, appreciate and care for my body. - I want to.
I love, appreciate and care for my body. - Okay, I’ ll try.
I love, appreciate and care for my body. - Yes, I Do!

• Look for themes in the statements on the right side of the page. In the examples above the themes include: a lack of confidence, concerns about this being too hard, doubt in success.

• Take those themes and incorporate them into the positive thinking affirmations so it becomes:

- I am easily successful in loving, appreciating and caring for my body.

- I am supported as I effortlessly love, appreciate and care for my body in my thoughts, words and actions.

- My thoughts, words and behaviors reflect the love, appreciation and care I give to my body.

• To further reinforce and tap into the true potency of your positive thinking affirmation, use the full resources of your imagination to create a visualization of your positive thinking affirmation accomplished. For example:

- I am wearing my beautiful new black dress at my birthday party. I hear my family and friends singing Happy Birthday to me. I feel confident, beautiful and healthy. I know how satisfying a small piece of my strawberry shortcake birthday cake tastes.

- Visualize the scene of your positive thinking affirmative power statement fully accomplished - as though it is occurring right now - and you are feeling the feelings of associated with your heart’ s desire.


While positive thinking is useful for an attitude adjustment, the true source of empowerment resides in you experiencing your positive thoughts alive in your body in the present moment.

This article by Susyn Reeve may be reprinted with the following acknowledgment:©2011 Susyn Reeve. All Rights Reserved – www.Self-Esteem-Experts.com

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Cultivate Healthy Self Esteem: Self Esteem Exercises

Susyn Reeve - by Susyn Reeve

Susyn Reeve asserts that you can eliminate or lessen your self-sabotaging thoughts with consistent regular practice of techniques designed for taking control of your thoughts so you can promote positive self esteem.

The Oops Technique

The Oops Technique is one I have been using for years and not only is it effective, but simply saying the word, Oops makes me smile – and that in itself intervenes in a negative thought process. Watch the Oops Technique video and put it into practice immediately.

When creating new thought patterns it is common to doubt your abilities. If you have doubts, read the Benefits of Positive Thinking Vs Your Voice of Doubt.

Susyn Reeve recommends another technique for removing negative thoughts.

Daily Inspiration Messages

Focusing on what is good and positive in your life can also shift your thinking. Positive thinking messages are a potent tool to nourish your dreams, goals, and desires. Daily Inspiration Messages are a powerful and inspiring way to start your day.

If you're constantly telling yourself, "I can't," with great conviction you will eventually believe it as truth. Replace these negative words with, "I do my best," or "I am learning how to __________."

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Healthy Self Esteem Quiz

Susyn Reeve - by Susyn Reeve

In this article, Susyn Reeve invites you to do a self-esteem check up by taking the healthy self-esteem quiz.

Quite simply your self esteem is a direct reflection of what you think and feel about yourself. Your self esteem forms the blueprint for the meaning and how you experience the circumstances you encounter in your daily life.

With healthy self esteem you have confidence that you have access to the resources and support to meet whatever challenges cross your path. With poor self esteem you feel victimized by the circumstances of your life and even when “things are working” you are often worried that the good won’t last – so happiness and satisfaction is fleeting, at best.

Give yourself a self esteem check up by taking the Self Esteem Quiz:


1. Read and Answer Each Question. Print it.

2. Review the explanations for each question.

3. Choose the self-esteem activities based on your quiz responses.

Self Esteem Quiz

1. How I feel about myself depends on what others think of me:

___Always ___Sometimes ___Never

2. When I am criticized I berate myself for being stupid:

___Always ___Sometimes ___Never

3. I easily ask for and accept help from others:

___Always ___Sometimes ___Never

4. I easily accept compliments:

___Always ___Sometimes ___Never

5. When I look in the mirror, I see flaws in my appearance:

___Always ___Sometimes ___Never

6. I make time in my schedule for activities that support my health and well-being:

___Always ___Sometimes ___Never

7. I am uncomfortable expressing my opinion and feelings in my personal relationships:

___Always ___Sometimes ___Never

8. I am anxious to admit that I don't know or understand something:

___Always ___Sometimes ___Never

9. In a restaurant, when I receive food that doesn't match my order, I say nothing and eat it anyway:

___Always ___Sometimes ___Never

10. I believe that I am confident and value myself:

___Always ___Sometimes ___Never

11. I openly express my opinions at work:

___Always ___Sometimes ___Never

12. I envy others:

___Always ___Sometimes ___Never

13. I believe my life would be better if I were more attractive:

___Always ___Sometimes ___Never

14. No matter what I do, I always find something wrong with the result:

___Always ___Sometimes ___Never

15. I believe I will never really be happy:

___Always ___Sometimes ___Never

Check the Explanations for each question.

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Self Esteem Building Activities -
Creating A Pleasure List

Susyn Reeve - by Susyn Reeve

In this article, Susyn Reeve shows how self esteem building activities can enable you to change your attitude from misery, anger, frustration and displeasure to happiness, satisfaction and pleasure in the amount of time it takes to have a new thought.

According to Susyn Reeve, a Pleasure List, is a simple list of the people, places, things and activities that result in an experience of pleasure when you think about them or do them. Simply focusing your full attention on an item on your Pleasure List will instantly transform your experience.

Some the items on the Susyn Reeve Pleasure List are:

* My dog

* The sound of my grandchild's voice

* A walk on the beach

* A bubble bath

* Sunset over the water

How I Used My Pleasure List

I was feeling frustrated and angry with myself for not sticking to eating healthy food and exercising regularly. I was annoyed that I was still dealing with the weight I had to lose. This frustration was getting in the way of any positive self esteem I might feel and leading me directly to the kitchen where I began searching the fridge and cupboards for stuff to eat.

I put a bag of popcorn in the microwave. As I waited for it to pop, I grabbed a spoon and opened the freezer, ready to inhale spoonfuls of creamy chocolaty ice cream.

As I felt the cold pint of ice cream in my hand, I heard myself say aloud, "What are you doing? This isn't going to help you take off those extra pounds!"

I immediately took a deep breath and thought, 'I'm going to focus on my Pleasure List.' I imagined the sound of my grandsons' 4 year old voice and the special way he says, Thank You "Kank You." My face burst into a smile. I put the ice cream back into the freezer, without having inhaled it or even removing the lid. I left the popcorn in the microwave. I took an apple and left the kitchen, feeling good about the choice I made to support my commitment to love my body.

Create Your Own Pleasure List

* Make a list of the people and pets who bring a smile to your face when you think of them.

* Make a list of the places that bring a smile to your face.

* Make a list of the things that bring a smile to your face.

* Make a list of the things you like to do that bring you pleasure.

* Keep your completed Pleasure List handy - write items from it on Post-Its and place it on your bathroom mirror, fridge, car dashboard, anyplace where it will capture your attention.

* The next time you need an attitude change to jump start positive self esteem and a sense of happiness, read your Pleasure List.

* Focus your attention on imagining a particular item on your list or doing a specific pleasurable activity from your list.

* Then enjoy the powerful impact that self esteem building activities have on how you feel.

Download the Self-Esteem Experts' Pleasure List Worksheet.

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A recommendation for mind body healing

Susyn Reeve - by Susyn Reeve

In this article, Susyn Reeve raves about The Map: Finding the Magic and Meaning in the Story of Your Life

I love to read and, when I discover a book that excites me and guides me in mind body healing, I want to share it. My colleague Colette Baron-Reid has written just this kind of book. The Map: Finding the Magic and Meaning in the Story of Your Life, reveals a truly brilliant approach to creating the life of your dreams.

Did you know that you have a powerful personal map that reveals your life’s journey? You do! When you plot points on this map and discover all the archetypal landscapes you've been through, YOU become the mapmaker with the ultimate capacity to shape your destiny.

Drawing from her years of expertise as one of the world's most acclaimed intuitive counselors, Colette shows you how to use the magic of metaphors and gift of imagination to delve into the most profound aspects of your subconscious, the places within you that light the way to lasting change and mind body healing. With The Map, you’ll harness your power to live your greatest destiny today!

If you purchase The Map by May 15, 2011 you can enter drawings to win prizes including 2 Kindles and gifts from some of the biggest names in the field of: personal growth, spiritual growth, relationship building, mind body healing, Life Coaching and Meditation… including my prize: A 7-Week Coaching Calling in “The One” Coaching Package.

Learn more about mind body healing with The Map.

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What are your favorite happiness quotes?

- by Susyn Reeve

In this article, Susyn Reeve shares with us some of her favorite happiness quotes.

Since March 2009, I have been sending out Daily Inspiration Messages. All the messages begin with a quote. Today I was looking for a new happiness quote – words that would inspire me and remind me that happiness is an inside job.

With so much turmoil in the world – wars, acts of terrorism, natural disasters, and on-going political and economic strife, it often seems that happiness is, at best, a fleeting possibility. But what if, independent of the circumstances or your life, at this moment, you make a commitment to strengthening your happiness muscle. How would you embody this commitment?

The starting place is understanding that happiness expands in your life based on where you focus your attention. This is where happiness quotes can be so helpful as you cultivate your capacity to experience happiness. Here are some of my favorites:

Being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfection.

- Anonymous

We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.

- Frederick Koenig

Don’t rely on someone else for your happiness and self worth. Only you can be responsible for that. If you can’t love and respect yourself – no one else will be able to make that happen.

- Stacey Charter

What are your favorite happiness quotes?

If you are committed to developing your happiness muscle let my book, Choose Peace & Happiness: A 52-Week Guide, be your guide.

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Overcoming Low Self Esteem: Creating a Gratitude List

- by Susyn Reeve

By creating a gratitude list, you begin a cycle that actually results in overcoming low self esteem. In the words of Anthony Robbins, “When you are grateful fear disappears and abundance appears.” No matter who you are, whatever circumstances you are facing, or how overwhelming life may seem at times, there are always reasons to be thankful. When you live your life with an attitude of thankfulness, you begin to see yourself and the world in a different light.

When you acknowledge What Is Right In My Life, you experience greater joy, confidence, and trust in your ability to successfully meet and deal with the challenges of life. Problems do not seem as overwhelming when you take a few moments each day to count your blessings and appreciate those who enrich your lives. Hence, the importance of a gratitude list.

Begin cultivating gratitude by making a gratitude list and read it regularly as a reminder to be thankful everyday. Research has shown that people who practice gratitude everyday are healthier and happier.

What are you grateful for? Use these directions for creating your gratitude list:

* Get started by picking items from our list, below, that reflect what you are grateful for or create your own list.
* Read your list aloud, slowly actually feeling grateful with each item.
* Notice how you feel, when you make the time for cultivating gratitude. For example, when I focus on the items on my gratitude list my energy changes. My mind slows down, my breath deepens, my self esteem is enhanced and I embody a positive attitude. I connect to my heart-centered essence feeling calm, peaceful and relaxed.

A daily practice of cultivating gratitude through your gratitude list, can transform your thoughts and as a result enrich your life.

I am grateful for….

* A roof over my head. I am thankful that I have a home to live in and a safe place to lay my head at night.
* Clothing. I am grateful that I have clothes to keep me warm and dry, and shoes to protect my feet. I am thankful that I have several outfits to choose from so I can feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful.
* Transportation. I am thankful that I have a car so I can drive to work, the mall, or visit a friend.
* Television. I am thankful that I have a television so I can watch shows that make me laugh, cry, or keep me informed.
* My Computer. I am thankful that I have access to a computer to help me work, learn and play.

* Friends and community. I am thankful for the groups of people I am connected with, the clubs I participate in and the charities I am able to serve.

* Food. I am grateful that I have good and healthy food to eat and safe water to drink.
* Freedom. I am thankful that I am alive and live in a free country.
* My dreams. I am thankful that I have the freedom to dream and to pursue my dreams.
* My skills and talents. I am thankful that I have the skills I need to read, write, and do the work I choose.
* The opportunity to give. I am proud of the contributions I make to the lives of those around me.
* My Parents. I am thankful for the parents who raised me and encouraged me.
* My Siblings. I am thankful for brothers and sisters who are friends as well as siblings.
* My spouse/partner. I am thankful that I have a partner who loves me. * Friends. I am thankful for the friends who make me laugh and are always there whenever I need them, to support and encourage me.
* My work. I am thankful I have a job and a good working relationship with my colleagues.
* My Pet. I am thankful for my dog ,who always is excited to see me and makes me laugh.
* I am grateful for those little things that I often take for granted, including:

A gratitude list is the perfect way to begin cultivating gratitude in your life. Read it daily and add to it regularly. Soon, being thankful will come naturally, and you will begin to enjoy all the benefits of a life governed by gratitude.

©2011 Susyn Reeve www.Self-Esteem-Experts.com

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Increase Mind Power: Harness the Power of the Law of Attraction

- by Susyn Reeve

What is the Law of Attraction?

To know how to increase mind power it is helpful to understand the Law of Attraction. The foundation of the Law of Attraction is that everything is energy. Everything in this world is made up of atoms continuously vibrating at different speeds. It is a law of nature that every atom of your body is in constant motion. Whether you know it or not - you are constantly vibrating at an energetic frequency.

This energy is magnetic, attracting energy that vibrates at the same frequency. Think of a tuning fork. When you strike one tuning fork, another tuning fork across the room will automatically vibrate if it is calibrated to the same frequency.

Have you ever noticed that you get a negative, uncomfortable feeling being around some people and a positive, uplifting feeling from others? And, depending on their “vibe” you are either attracted to them and want to be around them or you are repelled by them and do not want to be in their presence. This is an example of the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction is operating all the time, whether you believe it or not.

What makes one person vibrate differently than another? The answer is simple: It is their energy – expressed as their mood, attitude, emotional state or feelings. All beings are either vibrating positive energy or negative energy - at a high or low frequency.

When you are feeling angry, disappointed, sad, upset, distressed, confused, fearful, anxious or hurt and continue to focus your attention on the thoughts that generate these feelings you will continue to feed, nourish and experience these painful feelings.

When you are feeling happy, excited, joyful, compassionate, kind and loving and continue to focus your attention on the thoughts that generate these feelings you will continue to feed, nourish and experience these satisfying, loving and happy feelings.

The Law of Attraction is simply this: the more intense your feelings around something, the sooner it will come to you. That is why it is more important to talk and think about what it is that we want in our lives as opposed to what it is that we don’t.

- Katherine Woodward Thomas

Your feelings are pure magnetic energy. They are constantly flowing from you every minute of the day. How you feel, the attitude you are experiencing affects the magnetic vibration you are sending out and what you, consequently, attract.

Unintentional Attraction

Often people attract negative experiences to their life even though they think they are sending out a different vibration. How can this be? Here’s why: When your subconscious mind hears the words don’t, no or avoid, it automatically focuses on whatever you instruct it not to think about.

For example: As you read this, don’t think about a pink elephant. If you are like most people you will immediately see an image of a pink elephant in your mind, even though the instruction was to not to think about it!

How can you apply this idea to your life? If you want to lose weight, focusing on not being fat isn’t going to create the vibration you want. Instead, envisioning and feeling your goal fulfilled – the benefits of how you look and feel as you gaze at yourself in the mirror, wearing clothes in a smaller size will produce feelings of excitement, happiness, satisfaction and joy. This produces the positive energetic vibrations that support your weight loss goal becoming fulfilled. When you cultivate and nourish a state of gratitude and delighted anticipation for your desired result, you will attract it toward you much faster.

The trick to the Law of Attraction is to notice what you are feeling – to use your feelings as your personal radar system – and decide whether or not your feelings are producing the vibration you desire. If they aren’t then you must ask yourself, “What do I desire?” Listen to the answer and create a vision of your desired result fully endowed with the feelings that represent your goal accomplished.

In order to consciously harness the power of The Law of Attraction it is necessary to become aware of your feelings and thoughts. Use the following exercise to allow you to monitor your thoughts and feelings:

* Monitor your thoughts and words. When you notice that your self-talk is focused on what you don’t want and what you wish were different re-focus your attention on what you do want – your desired result, by asking, “What do I want?”

Use the contrast, what you don’t want, as an opportunity to define and focus on what you do want.

For example:

* I do not want to be sick.

* What do I want? I want to be healthy.

To consciously activate the Law of Attraction use the full resources of your imagination to embody what being healthy feels like for you.

Reminder: Since you have between 40,000 to 60,000 of thoughts on any given day, it can be a challenge to monitor all your thoughts. This is where you can use your feelings to allow you to become aware of your thoughts. When you notice you are feeling undesirable feelings, complete the following statement:

When I am feeling ___identify your feeling___,

I am thinking ___identify your thoughts___.

* Notice your self-sabotaging statements. These are the thoughts that interfere with what you want.

For example: You want a fabulous, loving, romantic, soul mate relationship. You start to imagine how wonderful it would be to have this relationship in your life. At this point you are sending out positive vibrations.

In the next moment your self-talk is declaring, “I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to find someone this wonderful – I haven’t so far. I’m just too old and not attractive enough,” then you are canceling the positive vibration and unintentionally, and unconsciously, attracting the opposite of what you want. In this moment your vibration is negative and dense in relation to your desired result.

If you notice that you cannot focus on having a fabulous, loving, romantic, soul mate relationship without being confronted with sabotaging thoughts, then create statements like:

- I am working on creating a fabulous relationship in my life.
- I am in the process of creating a great relationship.
- I love the idea of having a loving relationship in my life.
- I am excited about the thought of a loving soul mate relationship in my life.
- I have the power and capacity to create a fabulous relationship in my life.

These statements will keep you focused on what you desire, derail your sabotaging statements and keep your energy flowing in the direction of your dream fulfilled.

* Monitor what you are feeling: Throughout the day identify what you are feeling - the energetic vibration you are sending. (You might set a tone on your phone to beep once an hour as a reminder to do a personal vibration check.)

To increase mind power remember that your attitude produces your energetic vibration. This vibration activated the Law of Attraction. To harness the power of the Law of Attraction, to live the life of your dreams, you must take responsibility for your attitude - your energetic vibration.

Adapted from The Mind Manual System.

©2011 Susyn Reeve ww.Self-Esteem-Experts.com

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Make the Choice

- Excerpt from: The Inspired Life: Unleashing Your Mind's Capacity for Joy by Susyn Reeve

Life is a sum of all your choices.

—Albert Camus

You need not live with emotional pain and anxiety

Are you ready to live an inspired life rooted in the sacred union of your body-mind-spirit, grounded in your vision, and reflected in your thoughts, words, and actions? It all begins with making a choice, with saying, “Yes, I choose to live an inspired life.”

This is an empowering choice. So, heed this cautionary note: When you make this choice, it is possible, actually most likely, that in addition to experiencing greater joy, happiness, peace, and self-worth, you will initially encounter distress, frustration, turmoil, emotional pain, sadness, and anxiety. This is natural and normal.

It is the process of your personal blocks and obstacles to living an inspired life—your internal resistance—coming to the surface of your conscious awareness, presenting you with the choice to evolve beyond these patterns of the past.

When your fears and beliefs—I’m not good enough, I’m unworthy, I’m not loved, I’m powerless, etc.—meet the light of your awareness you then have the opportunity to acknowledge them and use them as a springboard to upgrade the software of your mind, transforming your identity with I am worthy, I am loving, I am valuable, I am loveable, etc…

It is as if by choosing to live an inspired life you are making the choice to clean house, after not having cleaned for many years. This choice means you will be relying on your vision, inner strength, trust, and faith to make decisions and act on them, regardless of your internal resistance as you transform your beliefs and your relationship with yourself.

Living an inspired life requires that you exercise discipline and make conscious choices regarding your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, words, and actions. The more you do this, the more successful you will be. Conscious inspired thinking is a learned skill that demands practice to gain proficiency, giving way to joyfully living an inspired life.

Say no to emotional pain

Know that if you have already lived with the pain of low self-esteem, lack of confidence, anxiety, and fear that you are capable of moving through the distress of this transformative process to create new patterns of thought—new brain pathways—which will naturally result in your living the life you desire.

How do we know this is possible? Because we have done it and we have helped thousands of people make this choice and reap the rewards of living their vision of an inspired life.

So, if you are ready for the most glorious adventure of your life, start now by following the directions below and formally making the conscious choice to live an Inspired Life:

1. Make yourself comfortable, preferably sitting in front of a mirror, with your spine straight, your feet flat on the floor, your hands resting on your thighs, and your eyes closed.

2. Concentrate on your breath. The way it flows in and out, like a tide. Flowing in through your nose and out through your mouth. Follow the path of your breath as it circulates through your body from the top of your head down through to the bottom of your feet.

3. Take five full, deep inhalations and exhalations.

4. Open your eyes, look in the mirror, and say aloud (allowed): “I Choose an Inspired Life. I choose to Live an Inspired Life. I Am Living an Inspired Life.”

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How to Find Happiness

- Excerpt from: Choose Peace & Happiness: A 52-Week Guide by Susyn Reeve

How inspiring words can help

I recently fractured my ankle and in a moment my summer plans now focused on healing. I wondered how to find happiness in the midst of this fracture. So while I was sitting in bed, after surgery I reached for my book, Choose Peace and Happiness: A 52-Week Guide.

I initially thought, ‘Do I really want to read my own book?’ Once I started, the answer was clear, there is good advice here for me. And I immediately began to put it into practice by:

* Acknowledging my accomplishments - YAY I managed to take a bath * Having a new thought - thoughts that reflected a healed and flexible ankle * Being grateful - for my left foot, upper body strength and crutches that enable me to get around * Reading inspiring words - that’s what I was doing reading my book!

Make the choice to be happy

I was reminded again that how to find happiness always begins with making the choice to be happy and then living aligned with that choice in your thoughts, words and actions. So now I am starting each day saying The Prayer for Peace and Happiness - actually more than saying the words, I am allowing the words to come to life in my being. Won’t you join me?

The Prayer for Peace and Happiness

Today, with heartfelt gratitude, I live my life through experience of peace and happiness. I easily focus my attention on thoughts that enhance the flow of love in my life. I know I create my experience through the point of view I choose. Through inviting and allowing peace and happiness, I acknowledge that I am peace, I am happiness, I am love.

I ask for and receive all the help available to me, visible and invisible, to release habit patterns of fear, have faith in a loving future, and to live as love in the present - to the eternal peace and happiness of all. And so it is.

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Increase Mind Power: Be Flexible

Blessed are the flexible, they shall never be bent out of shape. -Anonymous

I've learned a lot about being flexible to increase mind power since June 15th when I fractured my ankle. Learning how to get around on crutches required great physical flexibility on my part. Looking back on those first few days of my intimate relationship with crutches I see now how stiff I was - I was actually getting bent out of shape.

During the past six weeks I have become much more flexible with my crutches filling in for my non weight-bearing right foot. And while stairs remained a challenge, until I decided it was perfectly okay to take them sitting down, I became quite adept at getting around.

What this experience has underscored for me is that the real source of my flexibility is always in my mind. When I thought, "I'm never going to get comfortable using these f#*#ing crutches," is when I had the most difficulty taking the smallest of steps. When I thought, "Okay, take one step at a time - you can do this," I was pleased with my ability to pretty easily move from point A to point B.

As my dance with crutches comes to an end, during the past two week I have become keenly aware of the impact of the flexibility of my thoughts in preparing me to walk on my own two feet once again.

Two weeks ago I woke up from a delicious dream, in which I was walking while wearing my walking cast. In the dream I noticed I was walking and ran back into the house, proclaiming, "I'm walking!" When I woke up I thought, 'Okay now I am embodying my desire to walk.

This is how the Law of Attraction works, I have to feeling the feelings in my body to activate attracting what I desire. And during this dream I know that all my cells were feeling the walking vibe!'

The next day I began the range of motion exercises my physician instructed me to begin and I was thrilled to see and feel my foot moving again. About two days later I was feeling exhausted and having a moment of wondering, 'will I ever be off these crutches?' As I stood at the sink, washing the dishes, with my healing foot resting on a chair, I thought, 'The novelty is over. I'm ready to be walking again. These thoughts are just the preparation I need!'

Then a week ago I realized I was afraid to put weight on my right foot. I was scared about hurting myself. I spoke with my son-in-law, Kevin about this. He told me that it's common for athletes who have been injured, after they have physically healed, to be afraid and hesitant to put weight on or use their body part that had been injured. Kevin said, "This healing resides in your mind. This is when you have to be flexible in your thinking."

I thought about Kevin's words during the next few days, and began to visualize myself taking steps. At first, all I could imagine was putting my foot on the floor and standing still. Then when I allowed my imagination the flexibility to "see" me walking freely and gracefully it was as though this was within my reach. And then, two days ago I simply stood up and easily and confidently took steps with my walking cast - crutch-free! Inspired Life Action: Increase Mind Power: Be Flexible

• If you feel stuck and bent out of shape regarding any circumstance of your life then:

• Take a deep breath - this is a potent antidote for enhancing physical flexibility; and to be flexible in your thinking consciously taking a deep breath will give you the space to ask yourself, “What thought will support my desired outcome?”

• Then listen to the response and flex your thinking muscle by thinking new thoughts.

Today's Power Statement: When I am flexible in my mind, I have access to focusing my attention on thoughts that nourish my intentions.

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