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In the Susyn Reeve interview, Susyn asks "what would the world be like if you loved yourself."

Susyn Reeve

Susyn Reeve interview

This Susyn Reeve interview features the organization development consultant, executive and life coach as well as author of the award winning book, Choose Peace & Happiness: A 52-Week Guide, with her thoughts on building self-esteem.

The interview (click play below) includes tips from the self-esteem expert.

In the Susyn Reeve interview, she defines self-esteem and describes The Mind Manual System her empowerment program.

Dr. Frank Susyn, can we begin by telling me what you mean by self-esteem?

Dr. Frank In your wonderful ebook, How to Build Your Self-Esteem in just one weekend, you state that "Elevating esteem for ourselves is a crucial key to happiness in life." You go on to say that "Having healthy self-esteem allows you to accept yourself and live life to the fullest." Can you say more about those ideas?

Dr. Frank Can you share with me some of the learning techniques that you use in your empowerment program, The Mind Manual System, for building self-esteem?

Dr. Frank On your website and in The Mind Manual System, you offer numerous self-esteem tips. Can you describe three or four that are particularly relevant to mid lifers and beyond?

Dr. Frank In The Mind Manual System you talk about positive affirmations. Why are they so important in your thinking?

Dr. Frank When you are working with clients who are challenged in finding happiness after mid-life, how do you work with them?

Dr. Frank You keep up with the latest research on self-esteem. Share with me some of the new findings that could help Third Agers struggling with their self-esteem as they age.

Dr. Frank Susyn, as I mentioned in the introduction, you are a self-development and training professional, an entrepreneur who runs a successful website, and an ordained Interfaith Minister. Someone once asked me, 'What makes you run, Frank? What's your driving passion?" I'd like to ask you that question. What makes you run?

Dr. Frank What final words would you like to leave with women in midlife and beyond who want to start their own business or do more meaningful and satisfying work in the second half of their life?

Dr. Frank It's time to wrap up. Susyn, give me some information where our listeners can find out more about your work, website, writings, and anything else you'd like to share.

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