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A well thought out business transition plan can make all the difference in the evaluation of your business

Stephen Reisler

An interview with
Stephen Reisler

Stephen Reisler, is a Principal with ROCG, a professional service and consulting firm operating in many countries. The company specializes in three areas: business transition strategy, finance and operations for privately owned and emerging growth enterprises.

Dr. Frank and Dr. Fred asked Stephen about why a business transition plan is so important and some of the issues that business owners deal with in looking at this issue.

Dr. Fred Stephen, the niche that Frank and I work with are midlifers and beyond, which includes the babyboomers. Many of these people are small business owners, who in my experience as a coach are really employees of their business. What’s the problem with business owners seeing themselves and their business as the same thing?

Dr. Frank You are well aware that over the next decade 60% of businesses will change ownership and 20 million privately owned businesses will come up for sale in western economies. What’s your view on the economic impact of this for the small business owner? And what are the consequences if they are not properly prepared?

Dr. Fred Why is an exit strategy and business transition planning process important for senior business owners? What stops most of them from developing a strategy?

Dr. Frank For two years, I was associated with a consulting firm specializing in business valuation. In my experience, small business owners tended to overvalue their business in a sales transaction. Buyers, of course, rarely see the same value. In your work, how do you reconcile the two?

Dr. Fred ROCG specializes in the business transition planning process. Briefly, what is your approach, what makes it unique and what are the benefits to the client?

Dr. Frank I’m curious about your passion for New World wines. Do you think it could be a second career when you move on from business consulting?

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