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Starting a new business according to Shaun Fawcett requires a special mindset

In this interview, Shaun Fawcett shares his experience of how starting a new business with the help of Site Build It! led him to remarkable success.

"I had no idea of writing an e-book.

Shaun reveals how he came about writing more than a dozen e-books and books.

About Shaun Fawcett
Shaun Fawcett Shaun Fawcett is a Canadian-based writer, business consultant, journalist and publisher. Over the past 30 years he has worked in a wide variety of professional capacities in both the public and private sectors. He earned his M.B.A. in 1996 through the University of Ottawa’s Executive MBA Program.

He has published many magazine articles on subjects ranging from starting a new business, to sports, to entertainment. Online since 1993, he is currently Webmaster of ten writing-related Websites. In recent years he has written more than a dozen how-to books that simplify day-to-day writing tasks for home, business, and educational writing.

He is the webmaster of WritingHelp-Central and WritingHelp Tools, two of the most visited "writing help" websites on the Net.

Every day, more than 15,000 people visit those two sites to obtain tips, advice, information and tools to help them with everyday writing tasks including: personal letters, business letters, resumes, cvs, reports, essays, term papers, and much more. Started in 2001, those sites have since become important online writing help information destinations for many people worldwide; together they now receive well over 3 million unique visitors per year.

Thus far, Shaun has written and published more than a dozen popular e-books/books, including his Instant Book Writing Kit.

Click here to listen to the full interview.

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