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To start a business may be right for you

Are you missing a chance to start a business?

One of my passions has always been to start a business. Another passion is educating and learning from people as well as sharing my knowledge and experience. That is why I started this web site which melds both these passions. It allows me to touch the lives of others and perhaps transform in a small way the quality of their life. I write interactive multimedia online courses, e-books and articles about what matters to midlifers. I also produce podcasts with knowledgeable folks from around the world.

To start a business is a dream come true, giving me a sense of well being and success as well as allowing me to earn additional income. I feel like I'm playing a "bigger game" - just for the enjoyment and fulfillment of it.

Here are some interviews and articles I found helpful in guiding my own thinking about starting and running a business. I hope you find them useful too.

In an exclusive HAM interview, Shaun Fawcett, creator of WritingHelp-Central, a top online business, shares his experience of how to start a business led him to remarkable success. Find out how Shaun went from being a civil servant to being a successful online entrepreneur. He shares some of the secrets of his success, such as using Ken Evoy's SBI.

Brian Kurth, founder of VocationVacations, helps people create a dream-job or business lifestyle. In another exclusive HAM interview, he addresses the financial insecurity that midlifers face in changing careers or starting their own home or online business. Brian recounts the stories of one or two midlifers and beyond that may touch and inspire you.

A common issue for midlifers is a re-orientation of their work from making money to giving back to society. In another exclusive interview with HAM, Chip Conley looks at social entrepreneurship and conscious capitalism as areas to explore either in terms of starting this type of business or being employed by one. He gives to midlifers who think this domain is one where income doesn’t match a typical business.

Within a similar context, Scott Cooney, creator of Green Business Owner.com, shows green business owners how to grow their mission-driven business, while keeping their sanity. He shares how a green business owner can be effective and make money in the new economy.

On the distaff side, Susyn Reeve, co-creator of Self-Esteem Experts.com, has encouraging words for women in midlife and beyond who want to start their own business or do more meaningful and satisfying work in the second half of their life. Listen to the exclusive HAM interview.

Check out the exhilarating story of Ian and Angela, an Australian-Colombian couple, doing business in Cartagena, Colombia. It offers a primer on what and what not to do in this up and coming Latin American country.

Here is a resource, an audio program, I co-produced with Dr. Fred Horowitz, Breaking Free: Building Wealth at Midlife. It shows valuable strategies from four business pros for building wealth through your business, devising a proper business exit strategy, building your assets, and creating a new online business of your own.

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