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The Spirituality of Aging - an e-book by Dr. Toni LaMotta

The Spirituality of Aging The Aging Process as a Teacher of Spirituality

The dragonfly doesn't get its true colors until Maturity. What about YOU?

"Are you ANTI-AGING?"

Learn a new perspective - and come to understand the Imponderable Lessons in the process of growing older itself...

Dr. Toni is a teacher of both profound wisdom and insightful humor.

Aging can be an opportunity to awaken to the Inexpressible Truths that have been part of your Knowing but not yet fully experienced.

What People are Saying about the e-book

I'm so happy and grateful to have found you through the Internet! Your Spiritual Life Coaching Program was exactly what I needed and now this new ebook is meeting me where I'm at!

So few people really understand the midlife woman as you do. I've had lots of coaches who kept prodding me to DO more. You showed me that who I am BEING is so much more important. I'm truly enjoying my life now. Every day is a new miracle and the process of aging no longer frightens me.Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.-- Judy Tolle, Toronto, Canada

What Kinds of Things will you find in her e-book?

  • A new viewpoint on things like memory loss
  • A way to see the GOOD in the aches and pains...
  • Freedom from years of depression
  • Freedom from the mind chatter about what is WRONG
  • New found sense of self-worth
  • Health Improvement
  • A sense of humor in many more things
  • Reconnection with things you may have put aside
  • A clearing of limiting beliefs about what is possible
Who is Dr. Toni and why should you trust her?

If you've been reading her spirituality online messages, you already know that she has been a spiritual teacher for most of her life - first as a Roman Catholic nun and more recently (19 years) as an Ordained New Thought Minister.

She is also an accomplished author, keynote speaker, Oneness Blessing Giver and continual life-long learner and life coach. She has a closet-full of degrees, but her real claim to fame is that she practices everything I teaches. Those who have worked closely with me will tell you that she is consistent; the message never changes, just the application does.
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The Spirituality of Aging to Happiness-After-Midlife

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