The Spirituality of Aging puts us in touch with our purpose in life

Dr. Toni LaMotta coaches and writes about the spirituality of aging. She herself is a model of personal growth and spirituality. So her work in supporting midlifers and beyond in re-inventing themselves is based on her profound personal experience.

In our first interview, Dr. Toni LaMotta talked about the dragonfly - her logo - as a metaphor for transformation. She's fond of saying, "The dtagonfly doesn't get its true colors until it reaches maturity."

She also spoke about her best selling book, What You Really Want, Wants You: Uncovering Twelve Qualities You Already Have to Get What You Think Is Missing. One reviewer described it as providing "a spiritual tool to improve our lives and make the world a better place."

This interview is about her new e-book, Spirituality of Aging. It explores the notion that aging can be an opportunity to awaken to the inexpressible truths that have been part of our knowing but not yet fully experienced.

In the conversation with Dr. Toni LaMotta, she talks about :

- the ups and downs in her life in the past two years since the first interview with HAM

- her new focus on the "Spirituality of Aging"

- what she means by the term and how it is different from "Spirituality and Aging"

- her e-book on the topic

- one of her favorite affirmations for mid lifers and beyond who are struggling with issues in their life, such as not having "enough"

- her upcoming projects now that her health is improving

- how listeners can find out more about her and her work.

About the author
Toni LaMotta Rev. Dr. Toni is a keynote speaker, author and spiritual life coach. She supports people (in Midlife and Beyond) in reinventing themselves and in celebrating the Spirituality of Aging. Her experience? - from Catholic nun, to computer programmer, dinner theater actress, entrepreneur, professional speaker, New Thought (Center for Spiritual Living) Ordained Minister and spiritual life coach.

She has an upcoming book, Wisdom, Age & Grace: The Spiritual Lessons in the Aging Process.

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