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Somatic education provides an effective alternative to optimal living- free of pain

In this interview, Lawrence Gold shares how somatic education can assist individuals who have been dealing with chronic pain relieve pain in a relatively short amount of time and bring them to a point of optimal functioning. It’s an effective alternative to the well known techniques of physiotherapy and chiropractic

In addition, it's an approach to mind/body integration which improves your natural control of your body’s muscular system, reduces stress, and gives you more energy by improving your physiological functioning. In many cases, it can eliminate chronic pain and improve physical performance.

About Lawrence Gold

Lawrence Gold is a somatic educator. After two years' preparatory coursework for training as a Physical Therapist, Lawrence earned certification in Hanna Somatic Education and the Dr. Ida P. Rolf Method of Structural Integration. For two years, he served as an Associate Instructor with the Novato Institute for Somatic Research and Training. He has created an advanced handbook of practice for professional practitioners and self-help programs for back pain, sciatica, psoas muscle problems, breathing difficulty, and general movement health.

As part of the Novato Institute training team, Lawrence presented his work in this field to workshop participants at Esalen Institute at Big Sur, California; as a guest lecturer, he presented Hanna Somatic Education to classes at Life Chiropractic College West, at the 1992 Natural Health Convention organized by the National Health Federation, at the 2003 New Mexico Conference on Aging ("Somatic Healing"), at the 2004 Head-to-Toe 9 Conference for Educators (playable link: "Using Your Brain to End Your Pain"), and a guest on numerous radio shows across the USA.

Lawrence practiced for two years (1997-1999) at the Wellness and Rehabilitation Center of Watsonville Community Hospital, in California, and for one month was a consultant at Farmington Valley Physical Therapy (FVPT.com) in Unionville, Connecticut.

Click here to listen to the full interview

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