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Self help resources and trusting your inner wisdom

In this interview Steve Nash talks about the value of self help resources and more importantly, trusting our own experience as a source for our happiness. He suggests that those of us who are middle aged and beyond have an opportunity to share our wisdom with society, especially younger generations.

About Steve Nash

Steve Nash Steve Nash is the creator of the Self Help Collective, which is about "the wisdom of many versus the wisdom of one." He suggests that there's no need to follow the advice of experts (gurus) out there - you need to trust your own innate wisdom. What makes his site unique, in my view, is that he provides a platform for a community of "ordinary" people to share their experiences in what works for them as they deal with the issues of their life. It's then up to the reader to experiment with others' suggestions.

Here are some interesting links that Steve recommends:

1. The self-help books I've most enjoyed.
2. A great collection of hand-picked inspirational quotes
3. A widowers tale: "Helping Others... Helps You Too!"
4. My account of my two-year work as a VSO volunteer in Malawi.

Click here to read the full interview