Older enterpreneurs in a second career

Joe Wasylyk is a man on a mission. He believes that a second career as an entrepreneur is one key to productive aging. His goal is to empower seniors, those 50 and more, to become entrepreneurs. He wants to enable seniors to live a more enlightened "retirement" life and give them a great option to be more productive and be able to contribute to society.

This interview is about his e-book, Encore! Encore! Seniors (50 Plus) as Entrepreneurs: Their Time Has Come.. It is a veritable mini-course in launching a second career as an entrepreneur.

His book is a goldmine of information about the state of entrepreneurship among seniors, both in the US and Canada.

In the conversation with Joe Wasylyk, he talks about:

- the Seniorpreneur Project he started in 2006,

- successful seniors who have inspired him,

- financial challenges that seniors face,

- the nine-steps in his "Business Development Model for Seniors,"

- the importance of lifelong learning geared to seniors,

- getting seniors engaged in their personal success,

- his goal of diminishing senior poverty,

- how listeners can find out more about his work.

About the author
Joe Wasylyk Joe is founder of the Seniorpreneur Project. He established it to help seniors find new ways to achieve higher levels of lifelong learning. He also wanted to enable them to become more active, creative, and productive in their retirement years.

Joe was downsized from a contract purchasing management job with the Alberta Liquor Control Board in St. Albert, Alberta. He then decided to pursue an encore career at the young age of 45.

You can interact with Joe at his two blogs:



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