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In the Robin Elliott interview, Robin tells us how joint ventures can be an ideal business model for midlifers.

Robin Elliott

Robin Elliott interview

This Robin Elliott interview features the creator of DollarMakers, a website devoted to assisting individuals in creating financial freedom through joint ventures.

In the Robin Elliott interview, Dr. Frank and Dr. Fred explore how joint ventures may just be the ticket to financial freedom.

Dr. Frank How did you come to educating people on Joint Ventures as a career path?

Dr. Fred Would you tell our listeners how a joint venture works? How is it different from a strategic alliance?

Dr. Frank Robin, you claim that Joint Venturing is the ideal business model. Why? What are its advantages, particularly for mid lifers and beyond?

Dr. Fred In your experience, people can retire in a relatively short time with JVs. For the business owner, JVs can massively increase their sales and profits with no cost or risk. This sounds too good to be true. Would you elaborate on this? Can you give us one or two examples of people who have done this?

Dr. Frank You firmly believe that people don’t have money problems, they have thinking problems. How so?

Dr. Fred You think that most people are unaware of the requirements for retirement. They tend to fall for the lie that they have to invest a fortune with various characters, usually in the form of “investments” or the purchase of businesses, and get into massive debt to have the hope of retiring one day. Please comment.

Dr. Frank Your work and thinking have been strongly influenced by the philosophy of Ayn Rand, author of Atlas Shrugged, as Fred mentioned, as well as The Fountainhead. She is known for promoting ethical egoism and rejecting the ethic of altruism. What is it about her philosophy would you say is most valuable for those of us fifty and beyond?

Dr. Fred It's time to wrap up. Robin. Give us some information where our listeners can find out more about your work and anything else you'd like to share.

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