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Reframing means learning and practising new habits and skills

In this interview Alan Deutschman talks about real change, reframing and leadership. He begins by describing how he came to write his book, Change or Die He relates his encouraging message to Third Agers (45 to 75 years of age) who face their own challenges. He stresses the need to take much more responsibility for all aspects of their health.

The value of reframing

He also talks about new ways of thinking about a situation and life that gives you a fresh lens for looking at the world. He encourages Americans to move away from their ideal of individualism and self-reliance. He describes briefly his most recent book, Walk the Walk: The #1 Rule for Real Leaders, which deals with leadership as “the art of transforming how people think, feel and act.” He comments that Third Agers have an opportunity to take on new leadership roles as role models and mentors.

He leaves a motivating message to midlifers and beyond who value midlife development and wish to bring about change in their lives.

About Alan Deutschman

Alan Deutschman Alan Deutschman is an author, consultant, and speaker. He is past executive director at Unboundary, senior writer at Fast Company magazine, senior writer at GQ magazine, and writer at Fortune magazine.

You can learn more about Alan's work on change and leadership on his website

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