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How to overcome chronic procrastination

Irena O'brien, a Ph.D. in psychology, describes herself as the Get-Out-of-Your-Own-Way Expert & Business Coach. She works with frustrated business owners who are not living up to their business potential.

In this interview, Irena O'Brien talks about procrastination - what it is, how it affects your life and business, and what you can do about it.

She talks about:

  • Her definition of procrastination

  • The pervasiveness of procrastination in North American society

  • Some examples of unpleasant tasks that business owners http://bank.uz/publish/doc/text145692_mikrozaymy_na_bankovskuyu_kartu_ili_na_elektronnyy_qiwi-koshelek avoid ultimately jeopardizing their business.

  • The consequences of chronic procrastination

  • The story of one individual who overcame his hidden beliefs about money and increased his business significantly

  • One of her favorite books, The Procrastinator's Digest

  • The Free Call she will be offering dealing with procrastination on April 26 at 2:00 EDT. She'll talk about why time management doesn't work and the top 10 reasons why people can't deal with procrastination.

Interview available in the next Happiness After Midlife Newsletter
May 2, 2012

About Irena
Irena is a specialist in Neurosemantics and an internationally certified Meta-Coach (ACMC) and Neurosemantics trainer.

She is a leader in transformational and developmental change. She combines her knowledge and experience of the business world and her training in cognitive research and neuroscience to ensure her coaching reflects the latest cognitive and neuroscience research findings.

Irena’s personal story is proof that getting out of your own way is possible. Irena’s own personal challenges have made her a compassionate meta-coach and trainer, and a champion for personal transformation. She has helped many clients in Canada, the US and in Europe achieve quantum leaps in their professional and personal lives.

Irena is a contributing author to a unique forthcoming book called Change One Belief, edited by Bob Burnham and Jeff McCullum. In 2011, together with her friend and colleague, Femke Stuut, she lead the first Quantum Leap Intensive in Reno, Nevada.

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