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Personal relationship skills will distinguish you as someone worth knowing

In this interview, Mark Yerbury shares how the personal relationship skills developed through the programs of the Dale Carnegie organization are especially relevant to today’s times with its emphasis on speed and transactional relationships.

Some of the personal relationship skills developed include:

1. Become a friendlier person.
2. Win people to your way of thinking.
3. Be a leader.

At the surface, these seem quite simplistic. Putting them into motion is another matter!

The training programs offered by Dale Carnegie assist midlifers in re-gaining their purpose and zest for living. Many midlifers find themselves in a “comfort zone,” which costs them their aliveness. Vitality is a function of risk-taking, which the organization and Mark empower.

The outcomes of the Dale Carnegie programs are greater confidence, engagement and connection to others, which contribute to a happier and fulfilled life.

About Mark Yerbury

Mark Yerbury is President of Dale Carnegie Quebec and is responsible for all aspects of the Dale Carnegie Qualiteam’s operations. He is also a certified instructor in the Dale Carnegie Effective Communications and Human Relations course as well as the Leadership Training for Managers program. Mark leads a team of 10 Performance Consultants and 3 Regional Managers.

Prior to joining Dale Carnegie in 2007, Mark owned a successful publishing company for 6 years as President of Y2C Communications Inc.

As Senior Publisher for the Pulp and Paper Canada Magazine Group for over 12 years, Mark worked closely with the Canadian Pulp and Paper association and Senior Management within the industry. He sold a million dollars of advertising space in his best year.

Mark was also Real Estate Broker through the 80’s. He owned and operated a Century 21 Real Estate Franchise until 1990. He was responsible for leading a team of 40 agents. The Franchise sold over 400 houses a year.

Since completing the Dale Carnegie program in 1995, Mark has spent the past 15 years developing his selling skills through the application of the Dale Carnegie principles. He attributes much of his business success to his attitude and enthusiasm. Click here to listen to the full interview.

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