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Personal development and the search for fulfillment are possible at any age

In this interview, Susan Krauss Whitbourne talks about her research on the search for fulfillment, personal development, and life satisfaction.

My passion: studying how people change over time

Susan shares with us why she has been studying personal development and happiness for over thirty years. Her research shows that "no matter how old or how content you might feel currently, it is never too late to steer your life toward a greater sense of purpose and satisfaction."

Based on her research, she describes five pathways that midlifers and beyond can take to enhance their sense of purpose, fulfillment and life satisfaction. In addition to psychological fulfillment, Susan discusses approaches to health issues that are important in remaining fulfilled in later years. She shares five preventive measures that can slow down the effect of aging. She concludes by revealing what has brought her personally a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in her own life.

About Susan Krauss Whitbourne

Susan Krauss Whitbourne Susan is a professor of psychology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Her research, published in The Search For Fulfillment shows that change is possible at any age. Having studied midlife development for her entire career, she has expertise in a variety of areas including physical fitness and personality, identity development, and intimate relationships. An award-winning teacher, she has also been recognized for her mentoring and professional contributions to the field.

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