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Patrick Kabrita helps you avoid money mistakes

Patrick Kabrita, a financial adviser with BMO Nesbitt Burns, has strong fundamental principles about investing:

  • have a plan,
  • don't guess with your money,
  • be aware that your investment results are the result of your investment behaviour,
  • choose a good practitioner because he or she knows the best specialists
  • put into practice the universal law of reciprocity.

In this interview, Patrick Kabrita shares his investment knowledge and advice to put older investors on the right track.

In the conversation with Patrick, he talks about:

- the main financial concerns of older investors.

- the special needs of midlifers and beyond, both men and women,

- his particular approach to investing that sets him apart from other brokers,

- safely growing one's assets and protecting them over time,

- the importance of financial education for older investors,

- getting answers different aspects of financial education, such as personal money management and entrepreneurial finances

- some of his favorite books and websites,

- his thoughts about seniors (50 plus) taking some risks and starting their own small businesses.

Interview available in the next Happiness After Midlife Newsletter

About Patrick Patrick is a proud charterholder of the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst®) designation with over a dozen years of financial service experience, including nearly five years in a conflict resolution role.

You could call him a financial "rescuer" of sorts: he helps his clients avoid mistakes he's seen others make and apply his comprehensive investment knowledge to lead them to new heights.

At BMO Nesbitt Burns, he is also surrounded with experts in every field of planning such as insurance, taxation and estates.

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