Pat Huddleston warns us about financial fraud

Pat Huddleston is an expert in financial fraud. Once an investigator at the US Securities and Exchange Commission, he knows well the tricks and ploys of scam artists and unethical brokers. Midlifers and beyond as well as their parents are often the target of these seemingly helpful advisors, more aptly called “white-collar” thieves.

In this interview on “How to Avoid Financial Fraud,” Pat shares with us some of psychological factors that make people susceptible to financial fraud. His extensive experience has shown that there are different biases at play, such the “optimism basis.”

He also talks about some due diligence tips that we can use in recognizing scam artists and staying clear of them. He reveals the seamy underside of tricks, such as the “free lunch,” that legitimate brokers use.

It’s a fascinating interview that may save you and your parents, if you’re lucky to still have them in your life, much heartache and money.

About the author

Pat Huddleston As an Enforcement Branch Chief at the Securities and Exchange Commission, Pat Huddleston witnessed countless people lose their life savings to reckless stockbrokers and fraudulent schemes. Pat Huddleston has intimate knowledge of how scam artists and bad brokers operate.

In addition to having served as an SEC enforcer, Pat is a lawyer with more than a decade of experience helping investors try to recover their money lost in investment schemes. He is a fascinating, well-informed talk-show guest. He’s a frequent guest on national television and radio, and has been quoted in top publications, such as the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Kiplingler’s Personal Finance.

He is founder of investor protection company, Investor’s Watchdog. He has a new book out called, THE VIGILANT INVESTOR.

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