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If you are looking for the ease and flexibility of engaging in online courses for your own personal development, begin here ...

E-learning is a great way to enrich your life because it offers you the:

  • Ease of working at your own pace,
  • Flexibility at learning when you feel like it,
  • Usefulness of having all your materials at the same place,
  • Security of knowing that someone is there to help,
  • Low-cost alternative to traditional class-room based learning.

Shifting gears at midlife: Creating an extraordinary future

A highly recommended e-course by Dr. Fred Horowitz and Dr. Frank Bonkowski.

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Janet Cranford, Career change and life transition coach, asserts, "Shifting Gears at Midlife is a valuable guide to creating a story for your life that fits who you are now, as well as who you're becoming. Through a combination of interactive lessons and exercises, Dr. Fred Horowitz and Dr. Frank Bonkowski demonstrate that it's never too late for rethinking your life in terms of new possibilities. If you've been longing to live your life more authentically and in integrity, you owe it to yourself to take this course."

Bruce Frankel, author, writes, "In their new online program, Dr. Fred Horowitz and Dr. Frank Bonkowski offer simple, structured, thoughtful advice for creating happiness at midlife. In a series of fundamental steps, they share a primer for shifting to a meaningful life, including how to defuse negative habits of thinking, create a personally fulfilling vision of life from a blank slate, design a new game plan and realize its goals by following an incremental path. If you're itching to revise or reinvent yourself -- to create the life that you will one day look back on with accomplished satisfaction -- this may be a great place for you to begin."

Susyn Reeve, self-esteem expert, comments, "It's is your perfect road map to happiness after mid-life. Knowing where you want to go and having the tools to illuminate your path is the foundation for your success. Through proven interactive exercises and audio support, Dr. Fred invites you to create a new chapter of your life that is rooted in your happiness. Say, 'Yes,' to Shifting Gears at Midlife: Creating an Extraordinary Future, today!"

Jed Diamond, acclaimed author, affirms, "It's rare to have a course that focuses on the shifts we must make at midlife. I'm sure many will find this a truly valuable experience."

Steven Bleau, e-learning specialist, writes, "Shifting Gears at Midlife contains several nuggets of valuable information that can guide you to a fulfilling midlife. These nuggets are supplemented by interactive exercises, my favourite part of the course. The exercises are the root of a rewarding mid-life. They help you transform the e-course's message into meaningful action because they enable you to probe deeply within yourself and find the core values that will bring happiness at midlife."

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Discover your Confidence: A journey to a more confident me

A highly recommended e-course by Monique Pambrun

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The first course is entitled “Foundational Learning.” It deals with discovering internal and external confidence as well as interactions with others.

The second course is entitled “Reinforce the Foundation.” It focuses on developing mental and physical strength, using fear, pain and pleasure positively, and rewarding myself.

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