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Older workers can meet the challenges of the knowledge economy

In this interview Ajay Pangarkar discusses how older workers can keep apace in the knowledge economy.
Ajay is president of centralknowledge.com, which specializes in training and development within the business organization.
He begins the interview by defining self-development from the viewpoint of workplace learning and employee development. He then comments on how mature workers or learners can better face the challenge of constant self-development. He gives the example of how an older professional photographer successfully faced the challenge of digital technology and turned his business around.

Keeping older workers motivated

He then looks briefly at the structure of knowledge today. He shares three strategies for keeping mature workers motivated and for helping them to find new ways to acquire information. Ajay strongly believes in staying up to date with technology, especially the Internet. He points to the value that mature workers can offer as mentors and discusses the importance of teamwork more than ever. He offers timely advice for staying up to date and looking to change jobs or start an entirely new career. He concludes by sharing his viewpoint on how mature workers/learners can be happy within the context of career, work and learning.

About Ajay M. Pangarkar

ajay-pangarkar Ajay Pangarkar, CTDP
Performance Strategist, Speaker, and Author

Ajay Pangarkar is President of CentralKnowledge Inc., leaders in strategic employee performance and innovative assessment systems. Combining his finance, strategy, and adult education background Fortune 500 organizations such as Apple, Pfizer, and IATA seek out his knowledge and experience. CentralKnowledge was recognized for the Learning Content Management Project of the year 2008 with Training Magazine’s Technology in Action award for its assessment management implementation with Apple Inc.

Ajay effectively combines his educational background and professional experience in both adult learning principles and business/financial knowledge in delivering successful outcomes for his clients. His focus is to ensure organizational training investments deliver tangible business results. As a result, Ajay has become a world renowned workplace performance strategist and foremost authority on integrating employee performance strategies into the Balanced Scorecard. He develops the business acumen skills for trainers and is a sought after industry-recognized speaker on strategic employee development and employee assessment.

Ajay, along with his partner Teresa Kirkwood, are published authors with John Wiley & Sons recently publishing their third book titled, “The Trainers Balanced Scorecard: A Complete Resource for Linking Learning and Growth to Organizational Strategy" (March 2009). Other recent books include “The Trainers Portable Mentor” (June 2008) and "Building Business Acumen for Trainers: Skills to Empower the Learning Function" (2006) (John Wiley & Sons).

Ajay is actively involved in the workplace learning community currently serving as the Vice Chair for the Canadian Society for Training and Development’s National Board of Directors. Contact Ajay at ajayp@centralknowledge.com.

trainers-balanced-scorecard Older workers should consult his latest book The Trainer's Balanced Scorecard: A Complete Resource for Linking Learning to Organizational Strategy (Essential Knowledge Resource) for his thinking on workplace learning.

He can be reached at learning@centralknowledge.com or CentralKnowledge.com.

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