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Nancy Anderson shows it's never too late to rewrite your life story

In this interview, Nancy Anderson tells us about her book Work with Passion in Midlife and Beyond: Reach Your Full Potential and Make the Money You Need.

An innovative career and life consultant, Nancy Anderson talks about her time-tested approach to making the most of the rest of your life. She shares her guidelines for rewriting your life story and aligning your values to bring fulfillment and make money.

In the interview, she shares some stories of midlifers and beyond who became successful small business owners.

About the author

Ms. Anderson is a career and life consultant in the San Francisco Bay Area and the author of the best selling career guide, Work with Passion: How to Do What You Love for a Living first published in 1984, with a 20th anniversary edition published in 2004.

She was a Regents Scholar at the University of California, Riverside. She graduated magna cum laude with an interdisciplinary degree in English and Political Science. In 1976, she co-founded two career consulting firms in San Francisco, and then established her own practice in 1981.

She’s had her own radio show. She’s been interviewed on Good Morning America, Between the Lines, CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS affiliates on the west coast, as well as radio shows across the country.

She continues to enjoy using her intuitive, practical approach to help clients find the niche where they are paid for what they do naturally and well.

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