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In the Nancy Anderson interview, Nancy says that midlife is the best time to find your perfect niche.

In the Nancy Anderson interview, Nancy describes succinctly the seven-step process she has developed for midlifers and beyond. It is an approach that assists them in understanding who they are and what they value in life.

Nancy Anderson explains how she developed the process in working with hundreds of clients and uses stories to bring to life different stages of the process. It begins with identifying your basic fears and ends with finding your perfect nice.

In discussing the importance of finding a profitable niche, Nancy Anderson identifies three key elements of a good business. She also examines briefly the downside as well as the upside of success.

In the Nancy Anderson interview, she concludes by telling midlifers and beyond that it is indeed possible to make the money you need and add value to your world.

Dr. Frank: Nancy, tell me about the path you took to writing Work with Passion in Midlife and Beyond.

Dr. Frank: You use a seven-step process in your consulting. First, identify your fears. Second, simplify your life. Third, rewrite your life script. Fourth, recognize your passion clues. Fifth, identify your strengths, values and needs. Sixth, set realistic goals. Seventh, find your perfect niche. Walk me briefly through the process.

Dr. Frank: Let me stay with the notion of the perfect niche. You have a section in your book called “The right niche is profitable.” You identify three elements of agood business. Please talk about these elements.

Dr. Frank: You use lots of stories in your book. Can you share two stories of midlifers and beyond who became successful small business owners?

Dr. Frank: At the end of your book you talk about the “upside of success” and the “downside to success.” Please share your thoughts on that.

Dr. Frank: Any new projects in the works?

Dr. Frank : Nancy, let’s wrap up now. What three main points would you like people to take away from this interview?

Dr. Frank: Please tell my listeners how they can find out more about your work, website, writings, and anything else you'd like to share.

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