money and happiness

Money and Happiness: Money can't buy happiness but what can it do?

Money and happiness do not always equate, in spite of appearances. Seemingly endless bills, emergencies "popping up," and free taxes simply do not exist. Having enough money, however, in midlife and beyond is certainly an important piece in the happiness puzzle.One path to earning additional income is to start your own business.

Money and happiness is the underlying theme of several midlife interviews on Happiness After Midlife.

Patrick Kabrita of BMO Nesbitt Burns shares his investment knowledge and advice to put older investors on the right money track.

Pat Huddleston, author of The Vigilant Investor, shares with us some of the psychological factors that make people susceptible to financial fraud. He reveals the seamy underside of tricks, such as the “free lunch,” that legitimate brokers use.

Jean-Paul Giacometti, portfolio manager at Claret, provides some down-earth advice and strategies for making your money grow other time.

Robin Elliot, who runs Dollar Makers, says that "people don't have money problems...they have thinking problems." Find out what he means by that.

Nancy Anderson is an experienced career and life consultant. She talks about her time-tested approach to making the most of the rest of your life. She shares her guidelines for rewriting your life story and aligning your values to bring fulfillment and make money.

In a series of articles on wealth building, Irena O'Brien, wealth coach, offers lots of thought-provoking and informative ideas on building wealth. She takes a non-traditional view of wealth and wealth building.

Irena offers a non-traditional view of creating wealth. Holistic wealth is more than just money. True wealth has two components: things that money can buy and things that money cannot buy. This means that when developing a wealth building plan, you need to identify both the tangible and intangible things that make you feel wealthy.

According to Irena, if you want to make your dreams and wishes come true, you need to convert them to specific game plans. A game plan is a goal that has been defined inspecific, behavioural terms. it transforms wishes and dreams into concrete actions, making them real and achievable. For Irena, wealth building plan is like a road map, focusing your attention and moving you forward toward your goal.

After you have created your wealth building plan, Irena asks how do sustain your motivation and drive for your wealth goals?

Irena also talks about the connection between wealth building and persistent, targeted, committed action. Having a wealthy mindset, although important, does not create wealth.

Keith Robertson wonders which comes first; the attitude of giving, or the getting? Did they only start giving after they had a lot of money, or did they start being generous before they became rich?

Unconventional thinker and writer, Ernie Zelinski, asserts that earning a lot of money should not be your main purpose. He contends that you should work as hard as you have to for a good living — and as little as you can get away with!

One of my favourite books on money and happiness is Your Money or Your Life: 9 Steps to Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Achieving Financial Independence: Revised and Updated for the 21st Century.

Money and happiness to Happiness After Midlife

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