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With the right mindset, obstacles to performance and happiness can be reduced

In this interview, Ellie Ballentine talks about how developing the right mindset can overcome midlife obstacles to happiness and achievement.

The "Setback to Success System" is effective in producing breakthroughs

Ellie shares her 7-step approach to creating a new future.

About Ellie Ballentine
Ellie Ballentine Ellie Ballentine provides expert coaching and therapeutic guidance for high-performing individuals who find themselves facing a setback.

Ellie’s specialties include clearing leadership and performance issues as well as resolving mindset obstacles. Throughout her career she has effectively helped clients overcome addiction problems, heal broken relationships, and resolve career obstacles.

Along with an MBA from Richard Ivey School of Business, Ontario, Ellie has a master’s degree in psychology in clinical counseling from the University of Ottawa. She has facilitated the process of healing through therapeutic guidance for over fifteen years.

Ellie takes the art of therapy beyond personal probing and triggers actual breakthroughs. By drawing on the principles of quantum physics, she effectively helps you retrain your brain to arrive at the best resolution for your challenges.

Click here to listen to the full interview.

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