Midlife interviews addressing your needs and problems

Midlife interviews with top-notch professionals in many fields address important issues that confront you: finances, health and aging, midlife career change as well as success and well being.

These specialists share with us their views on key issues affecting both mature men and women. They inform, educate and sometimes inspire us.

Interviews with experienced professionals

Fitness Beyond 50 with Harry Gaines, Lifestyle Athlete Author

Dr. Corson’s Top 5 Nutrition Tips with Tom Corson-Knowles, Business and Nutrition Coach.

Spirituality and Religion with Dr. Freund, HAM's new European Correspondent.

How to Overcome Chronic Procrastination with Dr. Irena O'Brien, the Get-Out-of-Your-Own-Way Expert & Business Coach.

Retirement Planning and Property Transfer with Michel Gaudreau, commercial real estate broker with Miricorp.

Avoid Making Money Mistakes with Patrick Kabrita, financial adviser with BMO Nesbitt Burns.

Senior Entrepreneurship as a Second Career with Joe Wasylyk, author of Encore! Encore! Seniors (50 Plus) as Entrepreneurs: Their Time Has Come.

Spirituality of Aging with Dr. Toni LaMotta, author of What You Really Want, Wants You.

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How to Avoid Financial Fraud with Pat Huddleston, author of The Vigilant Investor.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Wise Investing with Jean-Paul Giacometti, Portfolio manager at Claret Asset Management.

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The ABC’s of Freelancing with Winton Churchill, founder of Barefoot Consultants.

Four Weeks to Freedom with John Kobel, esoteric teacher.

Midlife Crisis Prevention Expert with Nina Price, creator of Cracking the Midlife Code.

Work with Passion with Nancy Anderson, author of Work with Passion in Midlife and Beyond: Reach Your Full Potential and Make the Money You Need.

Authentic Happiness with Aleks Srbinoski, founder of the new online radio show, The Fulfilling Happiness Edge.

Midlife Crisis with Dike Drummond, founder of the "3 Hour Midlife Crisis"

Somatic Education with Lawrence Gold, teacher of somatics

Personal Relationship Skills with Mark Yerbury, President of Dale Carnegie Quebec

Life Purpose with Monique Pambrun, author of Dammit, I am Right!.

Self Actualization with Chip Conley, author of Peak: How Great Companies Get Their Mojo from Maslow.

Career Transition with Ginny Clarke, author of Career Mapping: Charting Your Course in the New World of Work.

Green Business Owner with Scott Cooney, author of Build a Green Small Business.

Transformational Learning with Chuck Blakeman,
author of Making Money is Killing Your Business.

Green Business with Tad Hargrave,
a leader in green business marketing.

Shifting Gears at Midlife: Creating an Extraordinary Future with Dr. Fred Horowitz, co-founder of www.happiness-after-midlife.com.

Conscious Capitalism with Jeff Klein,
author of Working for Good: Making a Difference While Making a Living.

Fresh Start with Julia Moulden,
coach and author of We Are the New Radicals and Ripe.

Living On Purpose with Neil Crofts,
author of Authentic: How to make a living by being yourself.

Purpose Driven Life with Bruce Frankel,
journalist and author of What Should I Do with the Rest of My Life?

Male Female Relationships with Jed Diamond,
specialist in counseling men and women on male menopause and author of Mr. Mean.

Happiness At Work with Alex Kjerulf,
the world's leading expert on happiness at work.

Creating Your Life with Bruce Elkin,
personal, professional and organizational coach about what matters most.

Self-Esteem Activities with Susyn Reeve,
executive and life-coach who supports clients with activities to boost self-esteem and build confidence.

Mindset mentoring with Ellie Ballentine,
who provides expert coaching and therapeutic guidance for high-performing individuals who find themselves facing a setback.

Midlife Relationships with Roberta Taylor,
life/retirement coach whose new book will help couples properly plan the second half of their life.

Self Employment with Barbara Winter,
founder of Winning Ways, who helps people considering self-employment take charge of their lives.

Starting Over with Janet Cranford,
founder of Career Change Pathways, who helps people over 50 rediscover their dreams and create meaningful work that fits who they are now.

Joint Ventures with Robin Elliott,
founder of Dollarmakers, on the many advantages of joint ventures as a business model.

Starting a New Business with Shaun Fawcett,
founder of WritingHelpCentral.com shares his proven formula for online business success.

Business Design with Kevin Crone,
CEO of Dale Carnegie Business Group.

MidLife Career Change with Brian Kurth,
founder of VocationVacations.com.
An interview not to miss if you want to reinvent your career.

Business Transition Plan with Stephen Reisler,
business advisor, business transition expert and wine aficionado.

Contagious Laughter with Albert Nerenberg,
filmmaker, actor, journalist and laughologist.

Taoism Teachings with Casey Kochmer,
Taoist master.

What Is Happiness with Sonja Lyubomirsky,
professor, author and blogger on happiness.

Brain Fitness with Howard Richler,
author, columnist and language expert.

Overcoming Adversity with Al Weatherhead,
chairman and CEO of Weatherhead Industries and president of the Weatherhead Foundation.

The new retirement model with Howard Stone,
co-founder of 2young2retire.com and its spiritual center.

Healthy eating from a scientific perspective with Joe Schwarcz, director of McGill University’s Office for Science and Society, dedicated to demystifying science for the public, the media and students.

Spiritual teachings can offer a different perspective in dealing with midlife with Toni LaMotta author, speaker and spiritual life coach.

Midlife renewal and living a life of purpose with Melita DeBellis, entrepreneur and Life Coach.

Transformative learning: a pathway to happiness with Joe DiMaggio, faculty member and executive with Landmark Education.

Midlife Transition and how most of us don't do enough great work with Michael Bungay Stanier, founder and Senior Partner of Box of Crayons.

Personal Development and Midlife Fulfillment with Susan Krauss Whitbourne, professor of psychology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

A Fulfilling Life with Gail Cantor, the CEO and co-founder of Contegrity Program Designs.

Being Happy with Ronit Baras, public speaker, community worker, workshop facilitator, journalist and author.

Self Help with Steve Nash, who runs the www.selfhelpcollective.com website.

Healthy Aging with Jane Barratt, Secretary General of the International Federation on Ageing.

The Happiness Project with Gretchen Rubin, best selling author of "The Happiness Project."

Learning and practising new habits and skills with Alan Deutschman, speaker, consultant and author of "Change or Die."

Active retirement – happy, wild and free with Ernie Zelinski, best-selling author of "The Joy of Not Working."

Coaching as a means to awareness with Kim Krisco, a pioneer in the coaching arena.

Male menopause with Jed Diamond, psychotherapist and best selling author on male issues.

Older workers and learning with Ajay Pangarkar, president of CentralKnowledge.com

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