In dealing with the so-called midlife crisis, midlifers can make many mistakes.

In this interview, Dike Drummond, a specialist in "midlife crisis" coping strategies, redefines the stereotypical view of this phenomenon. He discusses the consequences of making critical mistakes. For Dike, the term is really a misnomer; it's a popular expression we use that points to a critical turning point in our lives.

In the interview, he describes how he assists individuals in dealing with change and transition in their life

He describes the useful tool he put together, an informative quiz, that deals with midlife transitions. He also has a three-hour workshop that assists midlifers in living their dream.

His ambition is to share his workshop with one million people by 2015 and to change the definition of this term for good.

About Dike Drummond

Dike Drummond is a former family practice doctor who has been through two major midlife crises and has developed a training company called the “3 Hour Midlife Crisis" out of his experiences.

In addition to being a family physician, Dike is a serial entrepreneur, starting businesses in alternative medicine, training and commercial real estate and for the last eight years has been a life and business coach to people making the transition from a career or job to starting their own businesses.

He maintains that all of us will go through multiple crises in our lives and that this is not really a crisis … it is a calling to live the life of your dreams. Dike has some fresh and interesting ideas on this subject and we are happy to have a chance to interview him.

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