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New E-book Offers Help in Dealing with Midlife Crisis

You can overcome "midlife crisis"

Irrespective of external conditions, you can overcome "midlife crisis" and develop the capacity to create peace and happiness.

Montreal/Quebec, Canada
July 29, 2009

Most midlifers are trapped in old ways of thinking, speaking and acting that keep them stuck in their ‘midlife crisis.” Midlifers are caught up in kind of viral thinking that passes off as the truth, but isn’t necessarily so. Yet most buy into it.

According to Dr. Fred Horowitz, executive coach and co-author of “25 Reflections on a Happier Midlife and Beyond,” there is such a thing as a “crisis” meme, a very powerful message that keeps midlifers trapped in ineffective thinking.

Midlifers do not need to be “infected” by the virus of thinking that there is such a thing as “midlife crisis.” They “have the capacity to create peace and happiness irrespective of external conditions,” says Dr. Horowitz. “The truth believed is a lie. Learn to trust your own experience. Pay attention in your listening and speaking to your tendency to get sucked into peoples’ points of views. What they’re expressing isn’t necessarily the truth.”

Here are some of the reflections to help midlifers take on new ways of being that Dr. Horowitz and Dr. Bonkowski offer in their e-Book ….

Crises are not age dependent

Crises can occur at any age; however, they tend to occur during the major transition like adolescence and middle age. Male midlife crisis isn’t common, despite the cultural conversation about it.

Dr. Horowitz says that from engaging many women inside and outside of his coaching conversations, “women have the capacity to create an extraordinary future, unique to themselves and their circumstances. Why not create the conversation that midlife can be the best time of your life?”

Happiness can have many different meanings

Dr. Bonkowski reports on research that describes three kinds of happiness. First, there is sensory happiness or pleasure. Second, there is circumstantial happiness or satisfaction. Third, there is unreasonable happiness or joy.

Dr. Fred Horowitz and Dr. Frank Bonkowski strongly believe that you do need not buy into the notion of “midlife crisis.” In their new midlife crisis e-Book they make the case that you can develop the capacity to create peace and happiness irrespective of external conditions.

Dr. Fred Horowitz is an executive coach who has worked with hundreds of business owners, assisting them in business and personal transition issues.

Dr. Frank Bonkowski is an educator, writer and author of bestselling educational textbooks.