Midlife Crisis Coping Podcast

Midlife crisis coping podcast

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Midlife crisis coping podcast

The monthly Happiness After Midlife podcast presents up-to-date information and insights on happiness, well being, entrepreneurship, finances, success, career change, and spirituality.
In each podcast episode, Dr. Frank presents top-notch professionals and international experts who talk about important issues that confront midlifers and beyond, such as happiness, health and aging, entrepreneurship, finances, midlife career change.

Dr. Frank Bonkowski is an educator, writer and author of bestselling educational textbooks. He brings his years of achievement and personal experience to showing how you can make midlife and beyond the best years of your life.

Podcast episode topics include:

Midlife Happiness
What is happiness and how do you "become" more happy?

Midlife Career Change
What strategies and steps do you need to take that will give you a new sense of purpose, lift your spirits and make you happy?

Midlife Entrepreneurship
What do you need to know and to do to start your own business?

Midlife Goal Setting
What goal setting strategies do you need to take into account to take you where you want to go?

Discover Yourself In Midlife
How do you discover yourself in midlife in a way that builds on your life experience and opens new avenues to self-fulfillment and lifelong happiness?

Midlife Crisis Spirituality
Why is spirituality so important in the aging process and how it can support you in living a fulfilled life?

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