A midlife career change gives you a new sense of purpose

A midlife career change gives you a new sense of purpose

When I talk about midlife career change I am passionate about sharing my experience and knowledge with you. I have profited from several career changes, even though teaching and writing have always been my core domains. Along the way I have gathered a wealth of resources to share with you.

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In Roughing it, Mark Twain wrote that “Change is the handmaiden Nature requires to do her miracles with.” In your life, change is inevitable, and your happiness is remarkably dependent on your willingness and ability to embrace change.

In career change advice I invite you to take a reflective stance. I suggest a series of questions for you to get to know yourself better.

If you are thinking about initiating a career change it is important that you don't do this on impulse. Instead, carry out some in-depth analysis to identify a career direction that is the right one for you, and for the right reasons. If you are unsure about how to do this try this approach which explains how to choose a career.

Find out what kinds of situations and perks employees are looking for in a company.

I know from experience that successful career changers seek midlife career change counsel. Having a business or life coach is an excellent tool to help you redefine your own midlife career path. Here are five things to keep in mind in choosing a coach.

I have always dealt with midlife changes in a very resilient way. I have often been put to the test in handling change and transition.

I have worked with Dr. Fred Horowitz as a business coach. In

life coach coaching he shows that personal life and business life can't be separated if the coaching is to be effective.

Although freelance employment is not for everyone, I have done freelance work for part of my career. The field of writing offers interesting possibilities for residual or passive income. I recommend many of my favorite websites for finding writing opportunities.

Experiencing a job loss is never fun. I know firsthand what it’s like. I show you how taking immediate action may turn a job loss into an exhilarating experience. Having a good mental attitude and knowing the right steps to take can get you moving forward.

There are pros and cons to career tests, although they can be a valuable adjunct to personal reflection and feedback from others.

I know from experience that going it alone through a midlife career change is very challenging. There are different forms of career change help that will accelerate and smooth out the career transition process.

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