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In the Mark Yerbury interview, Mark shares how the personal relationship skills and principles developed by Dale Carnegie are especially important in our fast-paced world.

Mark Yerbury interview

In the Mark Yerbury interview, he shares how his participation with the Dale Carnegie organization has enhanced his personal relationship skills as well as his career direction. Equally important is the impact of his work on the personal development of thousands of individuals and many organizations.

Mark shares how the Dale Carnegie organization helps midlifers get out of their "comfort zone" and lead a more enriching life.

In the Mark Yerbury interview, he speaks to the quest of individuals in dealing effectively with their lives.

Dr. Fred Mark, the last person I spoke to about “Dale Carnegie” said, “Oh, does that still work?” What made you choose Dale Carnegie as part of your career path? What does Dale Carnegie offer today that still makes it so valuable and relevant?

Dr. Frank Mark, I’m a big fan of DC and have two of his books near my desk: How To Win Friends and Influence People and How to Stop Worrying and Start Living.

I find that today’s culture is driven by busyness and getting things done quickly. Many of the personal relationship skills or principles outlined in his books have fallen by the wayside. Would you share some of those principles and how your programs assist individuals in integrating them into their lives?

Dr. Fred All age groups are characterized by transition and change but in middle age they seem to be more dramatic. What often comes up for this age group is a loss of confidence as they change circumstances and roles. How does your work assist this age age group with regaining confidence and self-esteem?

Dr. Frank You offer so many courses: business strategy, public speaking, personal leadership. Your featured course for individuals is entitled “Effective Communications and Human Relations/Skills For Success.” What outcomes do you promise and how would midlifers benefit from participating?

Dr. Fred One of the opportunities for those of us who are part of The Third Age (45-75 years of age) is to take on leadership roles to make our society better, to leave a legacy. As Frank mentioned, you offer a number of leadership courses. Would you give us a sense of what these programs offer and how a midlifer would benefit from them?

Dr. Frank A fellow named Warren Buffet took the Dale Carnegie Course. Please tell us why one of the richest men in the world liked the course so much.

Dr. Fred On a personal level- tell us what are the two or three principles from the Dale Carnegie program that have made the most difference in your own life.

Dr. Frank Mark, would you share with our listeners how they can find out more about your work.

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