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Looking for Happiness? A fresh perspective on ‘wanting’ that can bring you happiness

In this article, about looking for happiness, Jim Selman makes the point that whatever drove our “wanting” in the past – whether it was power, money, fame, possessions, relationships or whatever – seems to wane with age.

"Profound acceptance of 'what is' is the key to happiness."

Jim asks the question what do you want when looking for happiness. He believes that "the mere asking of the question obscures the obvious option of wanting what we have — what the sages call profound acceptance of 'the way it is.'"

About Jim Selman

Jim Selman Jim Selman is a seminal leader in defining the theory and practice of business coaching and a noteworthy contributor to the field.

A recognized authority in the field of organizational transformation and culture change, Jim consults with clients on four continents as CEO of Paracomm Partners International and has a waiting list for his services.

He has been privileged to work in education and research with some of the leading thinkers and practitioners in the fields of transformation and management, including Warren Bennis, Peter Senge, Ken Blanchard, Fernando Flores and Richard Pascal, among others.

Jim’s current passion is to transform the culture of aging from one of decline and loss to one of possibility and power. He is active as founder of The Eldering Institute® , a regular blogger at Huffington Post, principal contributor to the Serene Ambition blog and an advisory board member to Praemia Group. He is a former member of the California Commission on Aging, a past director of the Breakthrough Foundation, a founder of Growing Older (a non-profit for seniors’ education) and a Founding Member of the Legacy XXI Institute.

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