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Living on purpose can lead to breakthroughs in your life

In this interview, Neil Crofts discusses how living on purpose can lead to a successful and inspiring life.

The articulation of life purpose is built on your vision, values and life mission.

About Neil Crofts

Neil Crofts Neil Crofts coaches and consults people and organisations to fulfill their potential through authenticity. Neil has written and published five books on authenticity, including his most recent one with Dawn Waldron called Living on Purpose, which is a step by step guide to articulating your purpose, mission, vision and values.

Neil Crofts is author of Authentic: How to make a living by being yourself.

Neil has raced cars, cycled over the Pyrenees, started, run, sold and closed businesses, hired, fired and made redundant. It was while he was Head of Strategy for internet consultancy Razorfish that Neil realised that authenticity was the key to success, fulfilment and sustainability.

Neil is currently consulting and training in leadership with Microsoft, Kraft Foods and BP as well as many smaller companies. He is also one of the curriculum lecturers at the KaosPilots business school in Denmark. Neil lives in Mallorca with his wife and two children and cycles whenever other commitments allow.

Click to listen to the full interview

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