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Discovering your life purpose is the first step on the journey to a more confident you

In this interview, Monique Pambrun talks about life purpose, how she came to write her book and why discovering her life purpose was essential in building her self confidence.

She also describes the “Confidence Building” learning program she is developing called Discover Your Confidence: A Journey to a More Confident Me. It will be a two-part e-course. The first part focuses on discovering your internal and external confidence. The second part works on building your mental and physical strength as well as using fear, pain and pleasure in a positive way.

About Monique Pambrun

Monique Pambrun is owner and principal coach at ÉnergieNow! Coaching and Consulting. She holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Manitoba and a Master of Science from Harvard University. Fluent in both English and French, Monique has built her reputation through more than 20 years of success in business coaching. Her specialties include strategic planning, marketing, project management, team leadership and personal/professional coaching.

Monique has followed numerous coaching programs. She has achieved many of her own personal, professional and business goals: making the shift from employee to entrepreneur and starting her own business, moving across the country, building a new home and family, and establishing an on-going life planning process that she updates on an annual basis.

Her first book, Dammit, I am Right! was published in 2009 and she is now working on "Drown or Surf: Riding Life's Tidal Waves" expected to be released in 2011.

ÉnergieNow! works with people who are established in their profession or life direction, and who are seeking to advance or transform this state. Our mandate is to enable them to create an exceptional personal and professional life through the realization of their Life Projects. We believe that everyone has what it takes to achieve the things they want in life…but that they can't always do it alone. Given the right framework, tools, and resources, anyone can achieve the success they dream of….through ÉnergieNow!

She writes a blog called Positive Energie.

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