John Kobel can take your thinking to new heights

In the John Kobel interview, John tells us about how his course, Four Weeks to Freedom, can take your thinking and acting to another level.

John Kobel talks about how he developed the course and how he teaches the art of successful visualization. He explains how, in only 15 minutes a day of special inner work, you can exceed your limits, achieve your goals, and create the life you deserve.

With unlimited enthusiasm, John explains some of the techniques he uses and how to apply the techniques that you have learned to your everyday life to move your transformation from a desire into your new reality.

He also shares some inspirational stories of people who have taken the course.

The program lasts a year – the first 4 weeks are intense – and are followed by a 3-4 hour seminar teaching you how to apply what you have learned to your life. Over the year there are 11 support groups and 2 -1/2 day seminars designed to guide and support you through your transformation.

He firmly believes that life is what we make it; it's our decision. He takes the stance that change happens when participants incorporate the ideas and concepts he teaches into their lives. They become habitual responses to the situations and circumstances happening in their lives.

About the author
John calls himself an esoteric teacher. He teaches people how to access their subconscious mind through orders from their conscious-mind techniques, using techniques such as visualization and prayer bringing a new and astonishing meaning to their personal success.

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