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Being happy at work is beyond being satisfied

In this interview Alex Kjerulf talks about being happy at work as a creation, something that you bring forth.

Alex suggests that being happy at work is a question of focusing on two things: (1) producing meaningful results and (2) developing positive relationships with co-workers.

About Alex Kjerulf
Alex Kjerulf Alex is the world’s leading expert on happiness at work. He has long known that happiness at work is the most important factor that contributes to good careers, happy lives and business success.

He is a speaker, consultant and author, presenting and conducting workshops on happiness at work at businesses and conferences all over the world. His previous clients include companies like Hilton, DaimlerChrysler and IBM.

His clients especially appreciate his unlimited energy, his dedication to happiness at work and his ability to keep his message simple and practical and fun.

Alex has a masters degree in computer science from The University of Southern Denmark, and was a co-founder of Enterprise Systems – a truly happy IT company.

Click here to listen to the full interview.

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