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The green business owner can succeed and thrive in the new economy

In this interview, Scott Cooney shares how he helps the green business owner develop a mission-driven company and make money.

He asserts that the green business owner can grow their mission-driven business and keep their sanity. His company strives to facilitate the creation and growth of mission-driven companies. They succeed by providing business owners and managers with online resources, interactive classes and one-to-one coaching and consulting to develop and implement success strategies that drive profitable and sustainable growth while making the lives of his clients more manageable. Most of his clients are small business owners that deserve but can't afford big agency consultants.

About Scott Cooney

Scott is the principal of GreenBusinessOwner.com, advising entrepreneurs on executive strategy and implementation of sustainable principles as a driver of business success. Scott is an author, professional public speaker, sustainable strategy advisor and serial eco-entrepreneur who has started, grown and sold several green businesses. Scott's book, Build a Green Small Business, is a great starting point for aspiring eco-entrepreneurs to understand the wealth of opportunities available in the green economy for entrepreneurs, no matter what level of formal education or startup capital they have.

Scott was strategic sustainability advisor for Wells Fargo's Small Business Insight Series and was interviewed on sustainability in business for BusinessDegreeOnline. He has given keynote addresses for multiple conferences (including North Coast Green and the Santa Fe Alliance Earth Day Conference), workshops, and academic events, and conducted social entrepreneurship workshops for a wide variety of audiences. Scott worked as project manager for global sustainability consulting firm Saatchi & Saatchi S, whose clients included Johnson & Johnson, NBC Universal, Frito-Lay, Wal-Mart, a Public Utility, and the City of Tallahassee. Scott brings this wealth of knowledge implementing sustainability tools on a Fortune 5 level to the small business community, where his heart truly lies. Scott is a Phi Beta Kappa who holds a double Master's Degree (Business Administration and Conservation Biology).

Scott is an avid cyclist, a vegetarian for his entire adult life, commutes car-free, grows a bountiful organic garden in his sunny backyard in San Francisco, and conducts free or low cost educational workshops.

Click to listen to the full interview

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