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A fulfilling life is more than happiness and success

In this interview Gail Cantor shares the view that taking on a developmental path to a fulfilling life is more enriching and enlivening than chasing happiness and success. She says, “'Being in development' as a way of life is being awake to what is being called for next and lining up with accomplishments that fit that call. It has to do with discovering who we are as a way of connecting with ourselves, with others, and with life."

A fulfilling life - a matter of our unique connection

Where life gets turned out isn't by focusing on the identity we consider ourselves to be. It happens through our unique connection to ourselves, others and life. "We are encouraging people to make a shift from considering themselves as a fixed identity or persona to validating that each of us has a way of “turning life out” that is available not in separateness, but can recognized as we engage with others, in life, in time, and by addressing our circumstances."

About Gail Cantor

Gail Cantor Gail is the CEO and co-founder of Contegrity Program Designs. She develops and leads the Contegrity Community as well as leads their primary programs. She also manages and develops the staff and leaders.

Gail has been introducing people to developmental work and fostering their ability to live it for 30 years. She is an ordained Interfaith Minister as well as a Contegrity Leader and an expert Organizational Consultant. Gail brings a breadth and depth of experience to fostering people's enjoyment of life and effectiveness at the same time.

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