Dr. Frank Bonkowski's view of overcoming
midlife crisis and finding well being and success

I'm Dr. Frank Bonkowski, president of BH2 Associates, an Internet-based information services publishing enterprise, owner of this website and Money and Midlife.com. I firmly believe we all can achieve happiness no matter what our age with the right mind set and knowledge.

This website teaches those 45-65 plus the skills and strategies to be healthy, happy and prosperous. As the saying goes, “Age doesn’t matter unless you’re a cheese.”

Whether it’s writing, teaching, or participating in sports, I always bring passion and enthusiasm to whatever I do. It is the same in making this website on midlife crisis coping an important resource for you. Passion and energy have always been the driving forces in helping me create and recreate my own life.

Dr. Frank Bonkowski on lifelong learning and staying young

I’ve always loved learning and teaching. I’m proud of earning four degrees, including a doctorate in education, from universities in the US, Canada and England. I’ve taught at several universities, including McGill and Tėlė-universitė, and I continue to teach language and literature at college level. Someone once said that teaching is learning twice. I've always believed that one key to staying young mentally is through lifelong learning.

My ventures into the business world have included stints as vice-president of a small e-learning company and director of a division of a major publishing company. I was also general manager of a small financial services company. My many professional adventures have taught me the importance of constantly pushing myself beyond my apparent limits - another key to keeping sharp.

Dr. Frank Bonkowski on finding life purpose and doing what he loves

When people ask what makes Frank Bonkowski run, I tell them it's doing what I love. For one year I served as president of a chapter of Business Network International.

Other keys to being happy are working with passionate and creative people on a project that defines your life's purpose and using the best tools to help you succeed.

Another one of my passions is writing. I’ve been fortunate to co-author nine educational textbooks. Five of the books were part of a series that generated over 25 million dollars in sales. I’ve also created university level distance education courses for teacher training and a variety of corporate e-learning materials. Doing what you love most can bring only good things to your life. See Frank Bonkowski for more information about some of my textbooks.

I feel like the luckiest guy in the world being married to my beautiful, Franco-Colombian wife, Jacqueline - my soul mate. I'm so thankful for having two adorable step-children and also having two marvelous children of my own. I’m an avid basketball player and participate regularly in triathlons - another key to staying young physically. I presently live in Montreal, Canada, and benefit from the joie de vivre of an exciting, multicultural city.

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