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Finding happiness is Belinda Clarke's dream

In this article, Belinda Clarke talks about finding happiness after her youngest one leaves the nest.

What happens when you suddenly find yourself redundant as a parent? What do you do, when after years of nurturing and providing love and care, your offspring move out of the family home?

"Finding Happiness" when your nest is empty is about one mother's experience of acknowledging the real emotions when your grown up children leave home and how she moved on with her own life. No matter how prepared you think you are, your life will change. For many, this can be an unhappy prospect. Instead of wallowing in loss and pity, Belinda grasped the situation with both hands, taking it as an opportunity to re-assess, discover what she really wanted out of life and where she was going, and find happiness for herself and her husband now that the house was empty.

Belinda Clarke

About Belinda Clarke's web site

Chasing Happiness is all about being yourself, the person you were born to be, living your dreams and not being influenced by others.

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