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Overcome emotional pain by living the inspired life

In this article, Susyn Reeve believes that you can overcome emotional pain and experience greater joy and happiness through living the Inspired Life.

In dealing with emotional pain, sadness, and anxiety, she shows how to live an Inspired Life rooted in the sacred union of your body-mind-spirit

She says that "living an inspired life requires that you exercise discipline and make conscious choices regarding your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, words, and actions."

Susyn offers a simple four-step exercise to assist you in making a conscious choice to live an Inspired Life

About Susyn Reeve

Susyn Reeve, M.Ed., has 35 years experience as an organization development consultant, executive and life Coach. She is the co-creator of Self Esteem Experts.com, a storehouse of positive affirmations and WITHForgiveness.com.

From 1980 - 1989 she was an Adjunct Associate Professor at the Management Institute of New York University designing and teaching Interpersonal and Group Dynamics.

As an Organization Development Consultant her clients have included: American Express, Exxon, New York University, Mount Sinai Medical Center (NY), Continental Airlines, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Young Presidents Organization (YPO).

As a Self Esteem Expert and co-author of The Mind Manual System, she provides information, exercises, Daily Inspiration messages, coaching and other self-esteem activities to boost self esteem and build confidence.

As a Calling in The “One” Coach she works with clients to free their hearts and minds from blocks to unprecedented love in their lives.

As an ordained InterFaith Minister, she offers Spiritual Guidance to people facing life challenges and has created ceremonies to mark life’s passages.

Susyn has been a delegate to the UN Commission on the Status of Women (2007 - 2009). She is a Board Member of Folk Arts Rajasthan. Her new book, The Inspired Life will be published in 2011.

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