Creative living can lead to an extraordinary life

An interactive, multimedia e-Course in creative living: Shifting gears at midlife: Creating an extraordinary future, created by Dr. Fred Horowitz and Dr. Frank Bonkowski.

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Why take this e-course?

This e-Course is a primer on creative living and inventing an extraordinary future at midlife; however, the principles apply at any age. We say a “primer” because what we’re offering is a first layer of a deeper conversation, which deals with issues like the nature of human beings, change, transition, being effective and being fulfilled.

What are the promises of this course?

* You will acquire a methodology for consciously creating your extraordinary future.
* You will discover some of the tools and practices that will allow you to integrate the principles for creating a fulfilling and extraordinary future.
* You will start to operate in your life in a new way- one not limited by the past.
* You will develop the capacity to have greater freedom, power and fulfillment in your life.

What is the context of the course?

1. As Third agers we have a 30-year life bonus.
2. The course does not present the “truth.”
3. The course is based on the notion that knowledge doesn’t equal learning.
4. The course invites you to practice “The Art of the Long View” when talking of the future.
5. The course uses the metaphor of “shifting gears” to mean making the most of the time you have left.

What are the contents of the e-Course in creative living?

Here is an overview of the five lessons and what they will enable you to accomplish:

Week 1: Setting the Stage: “What’s your story? aims at enabling you to distinguish observation versus evaluation.

Week 2: Life as a Game helps you understand the notion that there’s no inherent meaning or purpose to your life; yet you have the capacity to be the creator of a “game” that you make up.

Week 3: What matters to you most- fulfillment and our unique connection to life allows you to distinguish integrity, values, purpose, vision and mission.

Week 4: The key elements of an extraordinary future leads you to distinguish the elements of an extraordinary future.

Week 5: Creating your extraordinary future- you create the future from the future enables you to develop a game plan for your extraordinary future- your invented game.


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