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Creating an extraordinary future gives midlifers an access to living life fully

In this interview, Fred Horowitz shares how the new e-Course, Shifting Gears at Midlife deals with creating an extraordinary future and provides a new opening for a fulfilling and happy life.

Fred Horowitz

Fred Horowitz Fred Horowitz is an executive coach who's worked with hundreds of business owners, executives and professionals assisting them in developing a high quality business combined with a high quality life.

Having gone through 5 career transitions, he's very familiar with the transition process, a major theme for midlifers and beyond. His livelihood has included practicing dentistry for 10 years and introducing transformational approaches to personal development to the Montreal community.

In 1997, he founded the Montreal chapter of the International Coach Federation as well as the first Montreal chapter of BNI (Business Network International). He served as a BNI Director for 5 years.

Currently, the main thrust of his work with his partner, Dr. Frank Bonkowski is offering midlfers and beyond through their website, resources that offer a new paradigm of aging based on rebirth, renewal, revitalization and regeneration.

Click here to listen to the full interview

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