In the Chuck Blakeman interview, Chuck shares his thoughts on business building and transformational learning

Chuck Blakeman

Chuck Blakeman interview

This Chuck Blakeman interview features the author of Making Money is Killing Your Business a must-read for those looking to build a profitable business and have a great lifestyle.

In the Chuck Blakeman interview, Dr. Frank and Dr. Fred ask him about his provocative ideas on building a successful business and his viewpoint on transformational learning.

Dr. Frank We were referred to you by Jeff Klein, whom we also interviewed in the context of conscious capitalism and social entrepreneurship. In the same vein, he suggested we contact you. You say that your vision is to “live well by doing good.” How are you supporting small business owners in accomplishing that?

Dr. Fred Chuck, what are the four building blocks for a successful business?

Dr. Frank What is the main idea of your book, “Making Money is Killing Your Business”? How is it different from the best selling book, “The 4-Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss and books by Michael Gerber including “The E-Myth Revisited”?

Dr. Fred In your book, you state that “speed of execution” is the number 1 indicator of success in business. What are other important indicators of business success that midlifers and beyond starting a business should know about?

Dr. Frank In an interview you did in 2007, you mention Benjamin Zander’s ”The Art of Possibility” as one of your favorite books. It is one of ours too. What influence has the book had on your own thinking?

Dr. Fred Chuck, social networking is really hot these days. More and more seniors are participating in this arena. You posted an article on your blog entitled, “Why Social Networking Can Be a Bad Idea.” Would you share your thinking on this topic?

Dr. Frank As an educator myself, let me refer to a quote from a website article of yours called “Education is not important for success”: “Learning is massively different from being educated. Education fills our heads with information, while learning transforms our lives and the world around us with grounded and applied intelligence.” Can you explain what you mean by that?

Dr. Fred In that same article there is a rich collection of comments dealing with the issue of learning vs. education. Frank and I consider ourselves lifelong learners. I think you do too. Can you share with us your thoughts on the value and role of lifelong learning in your own life?

Dr. Frank Chuck, would you share with our listeners how they can find out more about your work.

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