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A well executed business design will create an optimal lifestyle for the senior business owner

In this interview, Kevin Crone talks about how by reviewing their business design, senior business owners can put themselves in a position in which the business operates more effectively and increases its value.

Business' design and the timeless Dale Carnegie principles

Kevin shares how the principles that Dale Carnegie laid down many years ago are very relevant - if not more relevant - today. Business owners say that their focus is on the customer, however their business design doesn't necessarily reflect this. This is very important for senior business owners, looking to free themselves up from their business so they have more quality time as well as increased value out of the business.

About Kevin Crone
Kevin Crone Kevin Crone is the CEO of Dale Carnegie Business Group, which is based in Canada with offices from coast to coast. Associated with Dale Carnegie Training (founded in 1912), the business has evolved from one man’s belief in the power of self improvement to a business focused on producing bottom line results for their clients, on collaborating to design and execute their strategies and initiatives, and on growing and optimizing their businesses.

Kevin has been with Dale Carnegie since 1964. Within 6 years he became the youngest licensee within the world-wide network. Within 2 years, he became the best and largest Dale Carnegie organization and won every award Dale Carnegie offered. He became CEO in 1972. He has been recognized over 40 times including being the overall best in the world twice and is a founding member of the Millennium Club (the top 10 in the world).

By the early 90’s his team had invented ways to work with thousands of corporate clients with on-site methods and processes. This allowed these companies to align and connect their people to visions and initiatives using innovation practices. To go along with his public courses, they invented Business Next, the consulting arm of his group, Dale Carnegie Business Group. Through acquisitions, his group became a coast to coast company and made shareholders out of existing leaders.

Click here to listen to the full interview.

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