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How mid-lifers can pursue their true passions in work…and in life!

Brian Kurth

Brian Kurth interview

The Brian Kurth interview, features the founder of VocationVacations, a one-of-a-kind career mentorship company.

In the Brian Kurth interview, Dr. Frank and Dr. Fred learn how Brian has redefined the term "retirement" and how he helps mid-lifers reinvent themselves in the second half of their life.

He shares two of his favorite stories of mid-lifers who are pursuing their dream job.

Dr. Frank Brian, you have degrees in political science and business experience in telecommunications and the dotcom world. How in the world did this background lead to VocationVacations?

Dr. Fred Tell us briefly what VocationVacations offers its clients.

Dr. Frank There are many resources on creating work that are available. What differentiates your approach?

Dr. Fred Talk to us about how you would define the term "retirement" and how people can reinvent themselves in the second half of their life.

Dr. Frank You help people create a dream-job lifestyle. Can you give our listeners some advice in finding their own dream job?

Dr. Fred You've assisted many people in making a successful career change. Please share with us the stories of one or two midlifers and beyond that touched and inspired you.

Dr. Frank Many midlifers and beyond face financial insecurity in changing careers or starting their own home or online business. How would you address these fears?

Dr. Fred One last question, Brian. How can midlifers and beyond benefit from your coaching program?

Dr. Frank It's time to wrap up. Brian, give us some websites where our listeners can find out more about your work, your book, and anything else you'd like to share.

Visit our Midlife Crisis Coping podcast page

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