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Brain games and the prevention of dementia - a major challenge for researchers and doctors

In this article, Keith Robertson, experienced medical writer, looks at the value of brain games. In examining the research on brain games, Keith reports that there are some encouraging findings about people who engage in mentally stimulating activities. He asks if your brain reserves are as healthy as the reserves in your bank.

Is there support to the theory that various activities in mid-life can have a protective effect on the brain in later life?

About Keith Robertson

Keith Robertson Keith Robertson is a medical writer with 15 years of experience writing in the pharmaceutical industry. His previous education in biomedical sciences and employment background in biomedical labs, hospitals, and high schools have uniquely prepared him to read and write knowledgeably about the science behind medications. He is the founder of Meducate, dedicated to the education of patients about their diseases and possible therapies, primarily in neuroscience.

He believes strongly that each of us is here for a reason and is seeking to continually and consciously make the choice to fulfill his purpose in life.

He discovered a love of writing in elementary school. His passion for teaching was encouraged by high school and college teachers. In university, he wondered at the beauty of how the body is designed. He is now grateful that all of these facets can come together in one career and is looking for opportunities to share this love and knowledge. He specializes in writing for continuing health education, sales force training, and patient education.

You can reach Keith at keith@meducate.ca.

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